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8/24/2022 by Kenneth Wegorowski

A reader mentioned that a secret source told them there was more "hexafluaride" in the air than carbon dioxide and that "it's a more dangerous climate change gremlin than anything on the planet".

They mean “hexafluoride” I assume. The source is incorrect, there is 37,735,849 times more CO2 than hexafluoride in our 8mileosphere aka the troposphere which is the first 8 miles up of our atmosphere that contains a whopping nothing of 10.6 parts per TRILLION of hexafluoride. CO2 is at 400 parts per million or it could be expressed as .0004 or .04% or as 1/2500 ratio.

The amount of “hexafluoride” in the 8mileosphere is a ratio of .0000000000106 or expressed as a % is .00000000106% or as a ratio 1/94,339,622,641.50943 so this is not a threat.

The greater "problem" is water. H2O is 10,000% greater cause than CO2. That and the thrermodynamics of air moving due to heat from the Sun and the cooling of frigid space is the only thing that can possibly have any real effect on climate as everything else claimed to be a "cause of climate change" is barely existent if we are to use physics and mathematics as a basis rather than marketing pitches.



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