Ellen Banks comments on Anglers in Buffalo who do not want wind turbines mucking up Lake Erie



The Buffalo News website shows an article by staff and a comment by Ellen Banks. Ellen has previously stated publicly that the goal is to leave all fossil fuels in the ground. This is a delusional proposition or one that is completely disingenuous or possibly an all out fraudulent statement known as impossible unless we all live like the Amish and cultures of the last 7,000,000 thousand years.

Correction, it is impossible unless we live like no other human has lived on planet Earth, without heat from any source. Even cave men used coal to stay warm in winter.

Maybe she expects us all to move to Florida and live without heat or air conditioning.

To not respond to this human being's claims as a leader and representative of an organization that is supposed to protect wildlife and is promoting fully the use of bird shredding industrial wind would be sad.

The staff article points out her statement, "If proposals for offshore wind in the lakes pass all environmental tests, and earn Sierra Club approval, their construction will not stir up toxins on the lake bed."

That's like saying planting a flower bed will not stir up the ground you are planting them in. Impossible. Is this woman smoking medical marijuana?

Sierra Club fortunes are completely dependent on fossil fuels and will never be maintained, grown, and powered by industrial wind which is also 100% dependent on fossil fuels to be built, maintained, and function.

update 8/25/2022

Ellen Banks is the Sierra Club Antlantic Region Chapter Chair and again states her belief of need to keep fossil fuels in the ground in recent statement about the Lake Erie wind factory in the middle of the lake that the industrialists want to plop right there, yet these systems are totally dependent on those fuels. Each one has 500 gallons of hydraulic oils and lubricants, they have to be changed like oil in a car. Wires are made of plastic not made from corn but from petroleum she claims needs to stay in the ground. The blades are constantly manipulated in their functions using energy and braking and motors that turn the hub to point blades in different directions of the wind. Brakes have to be constantly replaced and serviced, made with petroleum, they cannot be made by wind or solar.

In an article about the obsessive totally self centered aggressive push of these industrialists who are "all in this together" a mantra used by marketing departments and government during the covid fraud she throws out the usual marketing terms "recyclable" as well which is a lie, the blades are not recyclable they all end up in landfills and expoxy is not inert and it is again made from PETROLEUM the very thing she markets as needs to stay in the ground and epoxy is another form of plastic thus he claim they don't shed plastics is another of her many lies. Everything Sierra Club runs on for it's massive multi million dollar empire requires it, it would not be there without PETROLEUM and the banking systems of industry and commerce all of which depend on plastic credit cards, plastic wire coatings, plastic computer cases and parts, plastic everywhere. This whole thing is a total scam to get your energy. All of these systems are financed by your money as a cost. You are billed for it all. The sales pitch always presents entirely exaggerated claims of how much homes they will power, leaving hout the watt HOURS, they only present a maximum capacity amount without the HOURS of energy they would provide. Guarantee you it's more like 17% of their claims.

Proponents, however, continue to cite a need to get away from fossil fuels. Ellen Cardone Banks, who is chair of the Atlantic Chapter of the Sierra Club and an Erie County, N.Y., resident, recently noted the group’s continued support of placing the structures in water. "Wind turbine blades do not deposit micro plastics into water bodies," she wrote in a letter to The Buffalo News on Aug. 9. "They are made of fiberglass, epoxy and sometimes balsa wood. They are inert, increasingly recyclable, and pose no harm to our drinking water; neither do the structures on which they are mounted. Mapping of the lake bed would avoid areas of significant deposits from past pollution, and lake bed impact would be minimal at most and only during a brief construction period. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority is conducting a comprehensive study to ensure water safety before any wind tower construction would be permitted."

There is one reason that towers over any and all other reasons they want those placed in the lake, the Sierra Club and their paychecks and pensions are all powered by them. The Sierra Club runs on your money! They are worth millions with cash flows streaming in effortlessly by investments and it's impossible for the world to run in such an industrialized investment system fashion with banking as it is where charities as such receive money as they do powered also by pensions. All of it runs on oil. Basically that is the purpose of all of these wasteful wind turbine projects, to power pensions as we see is happening with the STOP Chevelon Butte Wind project near Winslow Arizona that is ruining what is known as Arizona's Little Grand Canyon.

Ellen Banks is a sales person. She does what they all do minimizing impact claiming the construction stirring up of the sediments (that contain old pollution from auto industry) would be brief and minimal. Such construction would go on for a year or more. That is not brief and minimal compared to what, the entire universe? The only place these wind turbines belong is on the Sun.



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