OMG all the bird groups are in bed with wind energy



I wrote to the American Bird Conservancy, writing about my concerns about yet another wind prjoject being built that will harm birds, views, and waste energy.

I received a reply asking for some information. It was a helpful professional reply from Joel Merriman "Director, Bird-Smart Wind Energy Campaign". I provided what I could about the Navajo County specical use permit application to build a massive 49 square mile wind farm at Chevelon Canyon.

In response he suggested I visit and contact them and keep him in the loop. If you want to contact them their email is

Their 2020 January newsletter is here.

In the "about us" section is link to the National Audobon Society. I went there. as seen on

I find that they are all for wind farms due to fake climate change. OMG they promote wind!!!

I am stunned.

All these wind farms need to be torn down, they do nothing to stop what is a fake crisis and they use more energy than they produce and add more CO2 due to stand by power, is straining grids which then will demand those be all upgraded using more energy, and CO2 levels have absolutely nothing to do with a changing climate what so ever, only the sun, frigid space, convection (heat rises cool air falls), and water vapor cause any change and man has ZERO ABSOLUTELY ZERO CONTROL OVER THIS, carbon does nothing. There are no blankets of air up there if Audobon Society has some they can send me what they have and I will insulate my open front door with them in winter and the cracks around my solid glass windows, it is air, it is only .0004 square foot of air to 1 square foot of air.

They have a 2019 report outlining the "urgency" of climate change action in protecting birds as stated by a newly named chair of the board Garry George who has fame in promoting getting rid of lawns that capture carbon dioxide efficiently,

"The findings of Audubon's 2019 report, Survival by Degrees: 389 Bird Species on the Brink, underscore the urgency with which climate change must be addressed to avoid catastrophic impacts to birds, as well as other wildlife. Transitioning to clean energy is an essential component of mitigating climate change, and AWWI plays a pivotal role in enabling wind energy to expand while using the best available science, research and technology to avoid, minimize, and mitigate impacts to birds and other wildlife."

Someone let me know when we find that "clean energy" as wind farms are dirty energy.

On the about page it also states,

He also holds seats representing Audubon on several stakeholder groups including Avian Solar Work Group, California Offshore Wind Working Group and Regional Science Entity Work Group for Atlantic Offshore Wind to facilitate research and new technologies to develop environmentally responsible utility-scale clean energy, as well as collaborations with FWS and other federal and state agencies and our NGO partners. He leads the Audubon network in clean energy planning, permitting policies, individual projects and transmission planning to reach the organization’s clean energy goals while protecting birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow.

Audobon likes wind turbines that kill birds

So I am guessing a lot of their energy comes from these energy sources which all come from our energy sources which ALL RELY ON RELIABLE FOSSIL FUELS.

Also stated, "Garry is a graduate of NYU and lives in Los Angeles. When not working for Audubon he travels the world looking for rare birds and has racked up a life list of over 7,500 species, so far."

So he travels the world burning up massive amounts of fossil fuels on jets like all these elitists do. I don't have a problem with that, except, when you cause my energy to be transferred to you by preaching the gospel of climate change and all it's ramifications.

I would guess he's another Los Angeles multi millionaire and has many sources of income that all depended and still do depend on the massive amounts of fossil fuels to be burned regularly to maintain those sources of wealth. Reliable efficient industrialist revolution banking all relies 100% on fossil fuel energies. Show me one bank that waits for the friggin wind to blow to make power for it's computers. Wall Street bankers would laugh their asses off.

Money does not grow on trees, it all comes from fossil fuels these days and none of it is made by wind that burns up energy made by other wind farms and solar farms.

It is time to promote FAKE CRISIS CHANGE. These wind farms both burn and create energy, they both make energy and burn energy and are only giving your energy to big corporations, that apparently includes as we also find out very large non profit CORPORATIONS.

2018 revenues were $92 million!* I wonder if they get a lot of contributions from the wind industry.

Their mission statement, "The mission of the National Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the Earth's biological diversity. Our national network of community-based nature centers and chapters, scientific and educational programs, and advocacy on behalf of areas sustaining important bird populations engage millions of people of all ages and backgrounds in positive conservation experiences. Audubon is making progress protecting habitat on-the-ground, while its public policy office in Washington, D.C. connects Audubon with Congress, the executive branch, courts, and mass media to ensure our great natural heritage endures for generations."

That's all wonderful but keep in mind all of those activities use energy and when we keep adding wind farms that undeniably harm birds, bats, and the food they eat, insects including honey bees that pollinate (although wind pollinates just as well) and that wind farms waste energy, we have to step back and review why a bird group would promote wind as a "solution". They must simply not understand that .0004th of the air above is not going to trap heat by any means and that we have been conned by industrialists to get us to support the spread of industrial wind farms that are ruining the planet and we have to seriously look at where their money all comes from if we have the energy that is.

*David Yarnold president and ceo salary is a whopping $631,173 for 2018.



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