The Bermuda Triangle and the climate push for renewables have a lot in common



Boats, planes, and birds have all gotten lost in the Bermuda Triangle never to be found. This is what happenes to sense, logic, physics, and reliable public policy when they take a ride on the carbon dioxide bubble wagon and travel into a vast mysterious space no one seems to understand causing them to never be seen again.

One observer called it an Energy Industry Triangle. I call it The Climate Dioxide Triangle.

"Problems are manifesting in all three dimensions of the energy industry triangle: climate protection, the security of supply and economic efficiency," writes McKinsey.

He writes about Germany's transition to renewable energy saying it's threatening the economy and security. Germany once invited Nazi rule then kicked it out. Now it's invited in eco-Nazis.

Same thing has been noticed in the USA and that is why Trump got elected, so many in business saw what was happening with their energy being diverted into less desirable regimes and places.

Another part of what is seen in The Climate Dioxide Triangle is how politics in the state where wind got its' biggest push decades agon is now bailing out PG&E for the wildfires that destroyed Paradise. Our money gets sucked into The Climate Dioxide Triangle never to be seen again but it goes somewhere. California set up a fund $21 billion to cover it by raising electricity prices.

That gives every adult in the state an extra fee for electricity of $32 per month for 30 years which you pay for in combination of your electric bill and higher cost for consumer goods as businesses also pay more for their electricity thus you pay for it there in goods. You pay all over the place.

Why should we pay for Paradise lost? Lawyers and politicians do well with these increases, they charge government and utilities too. Lawyers then feed the politicians. You pay for it all. They get more homes while we the people get squeezed out on to the streets.

The push to blame the utility instead of residents who build in areas prone to disasterous fires is rude, tyrranical, and another of many California schemes to make everyone pay for these things instead of letting those affected by building in high risk areas assume the risk themselves. They should all have their own insurance. The entire collection of rate payers should not be covering it.

The wind turbines are a great symbol of the cycle of spin, round and round we go getting little for all the energy we pump into laywers, politicians, their portfolios and pensions, while we destroy our landscapes with wind farms that are supposed to save us when they cause more energy to be used. The Climate Dioxide Triangle is a vast non-stood place. It's where our furry flying friends are reporting the bird holocaust yet are being ignored as they disappear never to be seen again as we watch the mesmerity of spinning white sticks with propeller like pacifiers on them beautify our TVs while they become land borne ugly masses that never take flight being built everywhere covering every square inch of the Earth.

Bald Eagles are America's symbol of enduring freedom


copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski