California "today's renewables" chart shows huge spike but it's only 8:22 am and there's NO SUN and no wind, I guess there is sun in some parts of the state and light even when there's clouds and haze does produce some power



it's also interesting to see that during the night solar DRAINS ENERGY, the chart below shows -30 megawatt drain at this particular 5 minute interval


look at how much OVERSUPPLY there is, electric that is produced that CANNOT BE EVEN USED for all those 1 million homes they claim will be powered if you keep shoveling money into these wasteful systems that simply cannot provide RELIABLE CONSTANT STABLE ENERGY thus it has to be CURTAILED or even burned up by other powering a wind farm turbine to spin the propellers to MAKE IT  LOOK LIKE IT'S PRODUCING POWER


this is energy theater!



view from satellite in the sky at 6:26 am pacific but this was only updated at the GOES image viewer at 8:40 am pacific
there was some clouds in southern California



at 8:44 am pacific the website claims that 48% of renewables are "serving load"


These charts are disingenuous as they have two sections, one is broader "current supply" and the other is "current renewables" in imagery that is the same size and next to each other that can mislead the viewer as the chart on the left breaks down all the individual types of natural earth based fuels (NEBF) but only included then the broader renewable power instead of more genuinely presenting the same breakdown of each, if they were to do that the viewer could readily see that wind is like 10% or less but in the chart it shows it's like 25% of energy produced but that is only in that category. They do these tricks all over the place to mislead the public.



notice how looking at the chart it makes it seem like solar is providing 60% of our energy woo hoo but it's not it's only providing 49% AT THIS VERY MOMENT and it varies depending on clouds and is ZERO PROVIDING at night big fat zero so since a lot of people will look at these circle charts DURING THE DAY WHEN THEY ARE AWAKE and doing business and such daily activities they will get the incorrect impression. Another thing to look at is right now they make it seem like there's no coal use, but it imports 17% of it's power, that's almost 1/5th of California's total power needs in electricity from OTHER STATES THAT OFTEN USE COAL and this is during the day where we get the impression that woo hoo "the state is being powered by the sun". Look at these at night and it's a whopping change. Overall renewables only supply a trickle. Another thing to notice is BATTERIES ARE CHARGING sucking 558 megawatts, how much do they out put when used? 100 megawatts? Net loss? I do not know but I do know the more hoops energy systems have to jump the less efficient. Just because a cell phone battery can be inexpensively be charged so that it provides you a telephone call to save you that trip 1 hour away by car thus saving a lot of energy does not mean that entirely shifting to electric power and back up battery power will do the same to then inefficiently power your car.


so cal desert sky 9am February 1, 2022