Carbon comprises so little in the sky it's a joke to think that we are making footprints with it


10/1/2019 updated 10/17/2019 and 6/5/2020 written by Kenneth Wegorowski to assist the planet and minds in healing

These floating footprints of O2C they say trap air. They claim they "form blankets". It's the most absurd sales pitch ever told - to get your energy.

Carbon dioxide is blamed for "global warming" and we must upend our energy delivery systems to solve it so they say. A 12 year old also discovered "global cooling" and my neigbor's 5 year old child found "global cooling" as well when she threw snowballs at the dog. The new popularized term has since been changed to "climate change" which was found to assist "political change" which also assists "cash flow change". Most of us discovered climate change when we were 2 years old spring, summer, fall, and winter. We discovered cash flow change when we kept noticing our taxes and electric bills going up into the atmosphere instead of our needs. How is it that we get more computer for less money every year yet we always get more bill with energy? One reason is we keep wasting our money on renewable energy which consumes more energy than it gives. It totally relies on your green $$$ energy.

How much CO2 is in that air? Do you even know? Read further to find out. It's a joke. As for so called "carbon footprints"......

THEY ARE AIR. There is no footprinting involved. You can't even see it. It does not get stuck any more than clouds. 

Take a look at this image of the rolling countryside. This image is 300 x 400 pixels. That's a total of 120,000 pixels. The amount of CO2 in this image is scattered about but if it were concentrated it would take up a 7 x 7 pixel space, a total of 48 pixels. That comes out to .0004th of the image that is how much CO2 is in the atmosphere .0004th of it. There is no blanket. Even if we could somehow concentrate 48 pixels of carbon dioxide in one spot, for example what would be the size of one weed in the green grass area on the right, there is absolutely no way that .0004th of this atmosphere is going to stop climate from changing as it ALWAYS HAS. The carbon dioxide is irrelevant. Claiming there are carbon dioxide blankets or plastic wrap in the sky that get stuck there or trap heat is a lie. It is probably the biggest lie to ever be told in history.

As with all sales pitches there's a product to sell you. It may be more TV time so they can bombard you with advertising where you eventually go out and buy that product or it may be political discussion to get you to hand over your vote "or you will die" as Bernie Sanders and all the democrati loons are now claiming. It also could be to get you to push your elected officials to tax you more or shift current taxes to them vis a vie carbon credits or new wind farms or new solar farms or other energy related wastes of energy.

It's all quite convincing really ON THE SURFACE, but all the claims make no sense based on pysical characteristics of air and matter. Air moves and electronmicroscopic particles of oxygen and carbon move with it. Calling them blankets in selling you climate change alarmism is a hucksters sales pitch. Look at a blanket in your home, it stays put, it does not float around. Carbon dioxide is always subject to movement by the slightest breeze or heat that rises and cold that unrises.

They want you to believe or have already convinced you to believe that carbon dioxide, a gaseous exhale, causes your climate around you to change. This may be true if you are stuck in an elevator or closet, and use up all the oxygen in that small space like some politicians are doing today regarding duly elected presidents and other matters, but we are stuck in a planet, a vast expanse of universe and atmosphere that you can't really wrap your head around how vast it all is but climate hucksters ARE wrapping your head around impossibilities.

Cooling from space starts at minus 456 degrees below zero farenheit. That wraps the Earth. It permeates the atmosphere above.

Heat comes from the sun in form of radiation which heats both the atmosphere and the surface. We even have heat coming form the core of molten lava. These forms of heating are MASSIVE and what we do on the surface is a pin prick in the ocean not even a drop. Space is causing climate same. Constant massive force of cooling.

Carbon dioxide is air and does not form a blanket like what you use at night in winter. Air is always subject to convection which is movement. A blanket traps some air and insulates to-a-degree. Air in the sky does not get trapped like air in a blanket because there is nothing SOLID to trap it. Claims that it gets stuck there are exaggerated like what drinking sugar and carbon dioxide infused water will do for you when you see commercials on TV telling you how it will make you a rock star or take you on vacation. It's an illusion. In the case of sugar infused carbon dioxide water those routinely cause health change.

Carbon dioxide in the sky is so sparce it's not funny.

It's not funny how the public is being played and paralyzed by this scam called climate change doom and gloom unless you hand over your money and vote.

To put this in perspective, water vapor is THE GREATEST CAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE.

I crossed out "greatest" because I discovered water vapor is THE cause of climate change.

It is statistically insignificant what man does. There is only one cause*.

Ok so what you know that clouds and rain and weather cause a changing climate right? Yet man keeps producing carbon dioxide and we are doomed by blankets in the sky says Chicken Little!

Far far in a distant mindset from it said the apple that fell fromt the tree.

Water vapor "gets stuck" a lot worse than carbon dioxide because there's more of it and they make clouds. They cause climate change big time. We as the human race have lived with this for 500 billion years. CO2 does nothing.

Now the sad part.

Water vapor is 175,000 % more prevalent in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

What? Actually no it's not. I am doing what climate cons do with their exaggerations of Earth's doom if we don't hand over our votes and our power and our taxes to those hucksters.

It's only 10,000% more climate change causing water vapor than CO2. Ten thousand percent more than carbonated air made footprints.

Water vapor in the atmosphere varies from 0% in a region to 4%. Since heating and cooling is causative of all climate change this water vapor is always changing.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a mere .04%.

Nitrogen is 78%. The hucksters are also blaming cow farts for adding too much methane. ROFL.

Methane is .00018% of the atmosphere. That is .0000018th of the atmosphere. Double that amount (which is impossible by man) and you get .0000036th of the atmosphere filled to the brim with nothing.

Now back to evil carbon dioxide AIR bubbles in politicians heads and eco-loons, you might do quick math in YOUR HEAD and think that's only 10 times the difference, or if you are a little better at math quick in your head, determine water vapor is about 100x more prevalent than carbon dioxide. That latter one would be correct, water vapor is 100x more available in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. Actually carbon dioxide in the air also changes but to give that the power it gets by hucksters selling you climate change crap is absurd. It's 100x less prevalent. The cause of climate change is water vapor.

Again to put this in perspective it's like traffic, there are smaller and there are bigger vehicles, they are all part of the climate of traffic. If a car made of carbon dioxide gas merges into the road with more vehicles on the highway you can say it causes traffic change. To raise taxes, create new industrial systems to fix the problem is a farce. That one car not stop traffic in that spot or the entire country or world.

This is like how they present carbon dioxide as causing a worldwide traffic calamity that is utterly impossible.

To go a step further in showing their lunacy or hucksterism, though my example of the highway doesn't even cause traffic to stop consider that the traffic is CONTAINED. The vehicles cannot escape the highway like say if it were a path with horses and cows which are energy efficient. They are stuck on the road until the cause of the traffic change is moved which barely does anything. In other words the flow continues with 100x more cars and one carbon dioxide molecule car entering the highway.

Hucksters want to upend the entire system of energy delivery, how cars and trucks are powered, how buildings are built and what energy systems they are allowed to use, at a cost of $175 zillion trillion dollars, all to deal with one carbon dioxide car molecule. Tis the most illogical pitch ever presented.

What is disengenuous with the huckster sales pitches when we compare this climate changing carbon dioxide as claimed to the traffic changing merge of that molecule is that carbon dioxide has no walls, it goes all over the place like many of these wacky politicians and eco-hyperactivists. CO2 is merely air and gets pushed around easily and is COOLED EVERY NIGHT and warmed every day. It's also heavier than air so it falls to earth to feed the plants. It's lighter than a feather or dust so it blows around easily up down sideways in the ears of climate cons and out the other, eventually returning back to earth when it rains or snows getting pushed back down by water.

Now imaging a freeway (or highway as they are called elsewhere than California) that has 1 truck on it made from carbon dioxide air on it and 100x more trucks on it made from water vapor and claiming it's the the one truck made of CO2 that's causing traffic change. Traffic may change a tad in one spot if it say it stalls, but the traffic basically remains the same overall. Then these cons want you to believe that air that was trapped in a CO2 cylinder on that one truck that falls off on the highway and let's that gas escape from the bent valve on the tank will cause more traffic change, so much so that the entire freeway system traffic will grind to a halt.

You see THAT is exactly what they are doing with the claim that carbon dioxide causes climate change, giving the power of 1 CO2 truck and a tank of escaping CO2 AIR the power of every department store's air blankets dropped on all the key points of the entire highway system and claiming it's what's causing the traffic patterns to change so severe that it stops functioning like it always has yet again it's not even the same example as carbon dioxide doesn't get stuck anywhere.

They lie about carbon dioxide causing traffic jams in the sky. It's the sleasiest sales pitch ever created by man but effective, just try to disprove it. Then they tell you the burden of proof to disprove is on you and you have to buy their pitch.

There is no change in climate from carbon air. The amount of carbon dioxide in the air is insignificant but when you say there are footprints we are making up there with carbon dioxide air it gives the impression that it's something tangible, solid, and unmoving, maybe even used in a crime! This is what sales pitchers do all the time with words to change your perception of things so you BUY THEIR PRODUCT, bottom line.

Sales pitchers in climate thrills and chills have you catching this ludicrous non-possible claim that there is something in the sky that is 1/100th the size of water vapor in quanity that will cause destruction of Earth. It's a cult. It's a movie. It's theatre and it's science just like there's religious science sure, but it's a cult, it's not based on physics. People who believe that when science tells you something it's absolute do not understand science. There are variables that can be ignored. That is what is done with climate cult science, they ignore the quantity of carbon dioxide in the air compared to the real cause of climate change that has 100 times the quantity up there - that's the footprint - the clouds, the water vapor, H2O.

H2O heat and cold is what causes climate change, not C2O.

You have been had. Your taxes have been had by them. They store the energy you give them for fixing climate with wind farms and solar panels that waste your energy to fix a non existent problem.

So they can say all they want in their pitches that it's based on science yet it's a cult. It's scientific but it's also a cult. It's a fantasy to believe that one truck will cause traffic change on a highway of 100x more trucks when there's always been that RATIO.

I suppose if all of them crashed at once by hitting falling air blankets in the sky, then the freeway stops there would be severe traffic change but this is not real it's a fantasy. That's what they claim will happen from one piece of carbon dioxide claimed to cause an accident in the atmosphere and thus all the massive quantities of trucks (water vapor) will fall down at once for 40,000 days and 40,000 nights killing humanity all to get your carbon credits (your money) and your vote.

It's a scam. This has been proven using physics and not religious climate science.

NOW can we start actually fixing real problems instead of transferring our green $ energy to others who already have money and multiple homes, let's get homes for those who have been slammed by life change. No Dizzy Lizzy won't be doing this for us nor will the Bernatic or any other dodo candidate, they are all living in the carbon clouds.

We keep throwing billions of dollars at war machines or changing things that don't need to be changed constantly, it's all a massive waste of energy. We could have homed the entire planet of 6 trillion zillion people already had we been focused and not loony. Instead what we keep doing is falling for scams, compounding lies on top of lies, and providing the rich with endless supplies of our energy with this carbon foot print scam.

Climate is changed by heating water, creating water vapor a zillionist times more than carbon dioxide.

It's absurd to claim carbon dioxide has the power they claim and that we have to control it. It proves they formed a cult. That is what cults do. If we want to control climate we must control what is 10,000% more prevalent, water blankets in the sky formed from watering your plants in the garden. Trees and plants and grasses depend on this twice oxidized carbon air. Climate cons will want trees and plants and grass to pay for that too like if your trees and yard are not getting enough water and thus they don't suck the carbon dioxide as much, they will come and assess your trees ability to clean the air from that dirty carbon it's not consuming and tax you for that to save the planet their bank accounts.

I have studied sales techniques all my life from a mostly defensive point of view after enduring many years of surrounding endless sales pitches in TV and everywhere in the developed world, constant attempts of being scammed by hucksters. The sales pitchers are everywhere trying to get your attention then saying "think fast" as they throw you the ball or throw it AT YOU. They get your head up in the clouds and make promises. Politicians do this same thing and doing this big time now using lofty promises that they and their renewable energy will give you everything you desire.

When the hyper proclimate change drama presented itself to me about 22 years ago the ease of studying it on the internet had me convinced that it was a scam within a week, and since then I haven't found anything convincing me otherwise. I use physics as a base. I also heard that it was a scam from an investment broker. He said they are are schemes to get tax subsidy revenues. This scam has grown because of climate change hype.

The climate clut makes impossible claims yet here we are today 2 thousand years after the birth of Christ who made footprints on our minds with an additional 19 years and 274 days later and we hear people continually telling us we make footprints with carbon in the sky and these footprints are killing us.

If we are to follow this climate cults doom and gloom claims we need to block the sun and stop using water as when we use water it forms water blankets thus causing green houses in the sky to all come crashing down on top of idiots and witches.

*there is 3 parts to this one cause and that is all, heat from the sun, cool frigid 456 degree below zero F space, and water vapor.

Why do people want to do the impossible

The farmer in the dell thought he'd be able to stop climate change if he could only capture that cloud ahead, much like how climate activists and policy makers are doing except at least this guy knew that water vapor was the problem.

(actually the farmer was not that stupid to try to capture it he just told all his climate friends that one day for fun)



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski