Today's Date is always found on calendarsIf climate change was real we'd all be dead already   


6/14/2020 by Kenneth Wegorowski

If you had an entire army, well.....of one, just yourself, fighting against 100 bullies at school that stole your lunch money who do you suppose would win?

If you are a climate alarmist you would say that one. You would say you would win cuz you can do anything you set your mind to, you are a Super Climate Hero, and your name would be Carbon Dioxide.

The 100 bullies would be named Water Vapor.

Even casual observers with no scientific training would notice the difference in power.

Water vapor is 10,000% greater in quantity than CO2. CO2 does NOTHING to change climate anytime, anywhere, ever. It cannot be a super hero or devil.

If there was a cause of climate change that would doom us all it would be the bully that is 100x more prevalent. We would all be dead from climate change by now from the bully WATER VAPOR if it was such a threat.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh now we can relax, we realize the hoax. We see that water vapor already does what it does.

But then, as everyone starts getting wind of the absurdity of you thinking you are a LONE CARBON CRUSADER that would win the fight so you would change your name to HYDROGEN and tell everyone you will save humanity.

The cause of climate change is and always has been water vapor and non-subsidized convection, which causes heat to rise and cool the air and precipitiation to fall, based on the forces of the sun and frigid space.

There is 1 particle of carbon dioxide AIR in the air to every 2,499 other particles of AIR. This tiny fraction of 1/2500 cannot do anything. When you sneeze you do more to affect climate than that lone particle of carbon dioxide does anywhere as your sneeze has a greater ratio of water vapor "climate changing causing" air than the atmosphere ever has of carbon dioxide.

Since there is up to about 10,000% more of ever changing water vapor in the sky than carbon dioxide air that is also brought back down to Earth to be recycled when it rains and snows and the wind blows we have already been experience climate change on such a disasterous degree that is any of the doom scenarios that are thrown at us by eco-freaks and hucksters and stupid politicians we would all be dead.

Climate Change is a religion. Atmospheric change is a science. Both are subject to interpretation anyway. Absolutes though are absolutes. These very fundamentals are a foundation of quality scientific study. All climate change science ignores these basic facts about the quantity of CO2 in the air.

We have more like what could be called faith based science in the area of wind, solar, and now the new buzz will be hydrogen even though hydrogen molecules go right through all matter such as steel valves thus present very serious dangers to the public when used in popular uses where convenience is always a huge factor in selling the public a certain product. Hydrogen leaks no matter what device is uses so it's very highly controlled, monitored, tested constantly for leaks, and we can never - based on the foundational principles of absolutes in physics - store hydrogen like we do in our automobiles. Hucksters will come about promising the world once again telling you all you have to do is give up the money you work for to subsidize the miracles that will appear but they won't tell you about this fundamental issue that disallows the widespread use of hydrogen. Besides that it takes more energy to produce it than it gives back so it's a waste of energy.

After reading about how the latest religion of "The Climate Change Savior Will Return as an Angel of Hydrogen" presenting to the world HIS vision of massive subsidies YOU will donate to His charity, HE presents how YOU will pour all your money and borrow more of it to pump it into ramped up production of hydrogen fuels but the DEVIL is in the details and HE states how wind and solar are unsustainable as they cannot support themselves as it takes fossil fuels to manufacture solar and wind components it dawned on me that climate change doom and gloom has already occured without man and has been for thousands and millions of years so all these claims of "we must do so and fix it" is bogus science and marketing hucksterism.

God like energy is all carbon based.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski