Comparing energies wind and solar always the last horse in the race


3/24/2021 by Kenneth Wegorowski

Imagine having a horse race and betting on one because it's name "Clean Energy" after all for decades now that term has been used to describe something that will allegedly save the Earth from destruction and other nonsense like it will power so and so many homes. The horse starts off then stops then starts again then stops then starts then slows to a trot then picks up speed again then slows down then stops then darts real fast as it was spooked. Would that horse win? Would it come in 3rd place? It might if it was part of the group of horses in the race that all did the same thing. This is wind farming energy, that horse.

Our cultures now insist on doing the equality thing now in many areas of life, to the extreme at times like making sure that a woman's bathroom will accommodate a big hairy burly bearded grunting man who now 'identifies' as a woman, making others including children a bit uncomfortable even terrified. Treating wind farming energy like the other energies. It's like new laws being made to make sure all horses are treated equally in every respect, and this is what has been done in the schizophrenic world of demands made to allow 'clean energy' at the table. Problem is for one they waste energy thus actually doing the reverse of what they intend.

The next problem in this 'equality' endeavor, actually it has even become so cultish extreme that world leaders say they want wind farming energy to eliminate other forms, is that these pie in the sky propeller systems not only massively uglify areas, they consume and devour vast beautiful tranquil open spaces. When we look at the space they take up to the energy output it becomes quite a shock!

image found on STT page link which contains article by Jonathan Tennenbaum image credit likely goes to him

"the nuclear plant in Borsella, Netherlands, occupies about .16 square kilometers of land and produces 3.46 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, while Holland’s Gemini Offshore Wind Farm occupies 68 square kilometers and produces 2.6 billion kilowatt-hours. The nuclear plant produces 570 times more power per unit area than the wind farm – and 370 times more than the solar park Sunport Delfzijl."

Irrational enviromentalism was a statement in the article worth noting. It's a the end product of fusion between idealistic dreams and impossible by physics implementations that completely conflict to the extreme so much so that calculators break when trying to make the calculations work. It's worse than a child obsessively compulsively neurotically trying to get a triangle peg into something where there is no hole. Yet building these is something that is real but what they really end up being are movie sets in the sense that they are a facade. They never actually provide clean energy when all caclulations are made in the case of industrialized wind energy production that is fed into electric grids that have demands all their own that are founded on the principle of constant 60hz energy.

So allegedly solve that problem the environmental irrationalists pull this rabbit out of their hat, basically claiming that it did not come out of a hat like you see, that because everyone knows it's magic, it came out of the rabbit hole in the ground, they tell you we will build big storage batteries.

In the article, "Tesla founder Elon Musk has promised that battery storage costs will come down to $100 per kilowatt-hour – a 30% improvement from today. The price-tag would then be $6.7 trillion for the first full set of batteries."

Batteries tear up massive amounts of land to mine the minerals needed. Again physics and mathematics insist they cannot calculate these systems to perform as environmental irrationalists keep insisting in their claims.

Then in the article it points out math and physics insists that in order to fully power by solar and wind in New England the battery costs would hit.....ARE YOU SITTING DOWN......$49 trillion.

Also extensive upgrades to the delivery systems, that is wires overhead, would need to be installed. Upgrades does not mean just putting in a thicker wire, it means adding many many more wires all over the place to attempt to get the power when the wind is blowing or sun shining to the places that need it. Current systems cannot always do that. That would be so much more destruction of viewscapes and lands just about everywhere. Is the cost worth it? The one calculator still functioning says no.

The comment in the article by Peter Proznac states this interesting reminder: "There was a time when farmers couldn’t wait to get rid of blankety blank (worn sound) wind mills for reliable cheap electricity. But what are we getting now? Blankety blank (sound sworn) wind turbines as unreliable as the old ones used to be with an added fire risk."


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