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Actually more climate has changed here in this picture than in all the added CO2 would have caused climate to chnge the day this photo was taken. The image by Bel Air Aviation in Denmark and found on the website National Wind Watch clearly shows how fog which is water vapor condensated is dried back into water vapor that is invisible in air (humidity) and thus causes climate change.

Since water vapor is 10,000% more prevalent in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide air and water vapor causes climate change, wind farms are causing climate change as well as beautiful landscape change, and causing people to have to drive much farther to get away from this crap thus adding more carbon dioxide to the air from either electric cars they use that are tied to the fossil fuel dependent grid or their more efficient less wasteful fossil fuel based cars.

Or, this may just merely be a displacement of fog and not drying at all. I am not entirely certain but this could be looked into as yet another of many causes of climate change that has some telling us the sky is falling so that you will hand over your vote, worship them, and allow them to tax you literally to death to save the planet which to them is more important than you.

The reality is that there is only one cause of climate change of any mathematical or scientific significance, that is not carbon dioxide which is .0004th of the atmosphere, it is water vapor which is 10,000% greater in quantity.

The heating and cooling of Earth from frigid space and trillion degree sun is the only factor. Carbon dioxide is air in miniscule quantities. They use this illusion of clean energy to sell you this crap which is actually using more energy and adding more CO2 anyway.

update 1/3/2020 - last year I learned that wind and solar are adding so much chaotic power to the grids that these wind farms are routinely burining up that energy, they turn on the turbines, using up the power, to remove that power from the grid, much of this power is likely never even getting to homes, this is the biggest industrialist scam in history



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