Chautauqua County is fighting wind turbines on Lake Erie



During a contentious presentation by the Sierra Club in the Clarion Hotel Marina & Conference Center that promoted turbines in Lake Erie, voices of dissension were not allowed, as only written questions were accepted. "Unlike coal-fired power plants, wind emits no mercury, which continues to poison our water bodies and our fish and all our aquatic life," presenter Dr. Ellen Banks told a November gathering. "Fossil fuel is bad for fish. It’s bad for the lake."

But the Sierra Club gets a lot of money from trust funds that are fueled by wind industry and other renewables.

Their statements are disingenuous diversions from the big problems that these systems dump on people. They are using the fear principle of "mercury" which is an element in nature to trigger those emotions deep inside people that elicits comparisons to the amounts of mercury that were dumped into Lake Erie many decades ago by steel mills and other factories that were dumping into streams and the lake.

It's not fair to make that statement that wind emits "no mercury" when it relies on oil, leaks oil, and all of their parts are made by the burning of fossil fuels creating that same mercury to be emitted elsewhere.

There is so little mercury emitted by coal it's as insignificant as the other lie these groups keep promoting about carbon dioxide gas as if it's a poison which it is not and as if CO2 emissions are in any way significant as they paint this doom scenario that the worlds climate is blanketed with it so much that "heat cannot escape". This is such a distortion to claim both mercury from coal fired plants and O2C is significant.

I went through years of listening to claims about viruses which now have shut down our world and is shifting massive wealth to certain people. A commonality is being told "you cannot debate this" where they all know if there is public discussion their lies will be called out and obvious. I think this is why these liberal governors shut down everything, distanced people, and have instituted such bizarre measures that make no sense in "virus hunting" it's about making sure as best they can the discussion is avoided and they just do whatever they want against the public wishes for massive profits.

That is not how the forefathers of this country designed our system to be so this system is now being abused by both the puke green fake clean energy industries and the Naxi health care system that has shut you in your homes isolating you from your dying parents or friends, while these hucksters in medicine all have a profit agenda and will never isolate the virus to prove it's existence.



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