Eric Holton of EWT claims property values increased with wind turbines in Oregon



He says there is "no statistical evidence that proximity to wind farms has any (negative) impact on property values".

Most of us know this is bogus. These claims are merely based on values over the last 10 years where property values everywhere rebounded after they had a massive fall in the great recesssion of 2008. It's very easy to pick what one wants from statistics but to not factor in and present why these values increased is terribly misleading.

The area where I live around the wind farms of Desert Hot Springs saw bargain prices for land and homes all around these turbines but now those prices also rebounded. It's not because more turbines were added that in spite of those the prices increased, it's because of many other things, mainly the entire economy as a whole.

There are many factors in land value. Around these farms here there is now a booming marijuana farming industry that never existed before. It is close to Palm Springs which has it's own draw of visitors from around the world escaping the cold climates every single year. In Portland there is also a booming economy and it's continually drawing new people to escape what has been done to Los Angeles in traffic and crime.

So yes the values increased but they would have increased more if the wind energy farms that thrice produce energy and use energy and dump energy were not there.

No one wants to really live by these things.



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