National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says wind farms should be 30 miles or more away from weather radar systems



The wind farms can cause false tornado alert and interfere with normal data thus presenting the public in possible danger as they don't know exactly what is going on. They have even added a wind farm interaction page. They should add a page that shows all the hot air coming from climate cons and BLACK solar roofs along with a graphic showing the other gas that causes climate change, all the nitrogen in the air at 79% of Earth's atmosphere.

"Dodge City, KS NEXRAD (KDDC) reflectivity (upper right) and mean radial velocity (lower right) imagery for 0150 UTC on 23 Feb 2007 showing two wind farms within the radar’s line of sight. The yellow area in the upper left image depicts areas where the radar line of sight is within 130 m of the ground. The reflectivity and velocity values are anomalous and can confuse users. The lower left panel shows the effects of the wind farm to the southwest whose influence has resulted in a false tornado alert generated by the NEXRAD algorithms. The Weather Forecast Office did not issue a warning because, in this case, other data indicated that there was no severe weather in the wind farm area."

Reflected energy



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