H2O causes water change


11/21/2022 by Kenneth Wegorowski

There is an ongoing absurdity of claiming that air in the air causes the air to change.

It's mostly stated like this "CO2 causes climate change".

It's like saying H2O causes water change. Yes it does. So what.

It has 3 forms, solid, liquid, gas. So what.

The mantraists chant that green house gasses cause climate change.

Green houses are filled with air. Big deal.

Look at the photo of the clouds and all the gasses there. This is what is in green houses, gasses.

We fail to see any problem with green house gasses escaping from their little tiny glass homes.

It's most often simply called weather with only 3 forces involved, H20, Sun, frigid space.

There is never enough CO2 change to cause anything.

They call it a "gasseous substance" to make it sound gooey.

It's air. It's not poison nor monsterous.

See how they trick you.



copyright 2022 Kenneth Wegorowski