Horse Heaven Hell

August 24, 2023

In Liberal Washington Located On The Pacific Ocean In Between Idaho And Above Oregon (LWLOTPOIBIAAO) there is now 1000 people who wish to speak publicly about the wind farm project in the hills that would ruin the planet even more with ugly disqusting wind mills, quantity 255, scattered all over purple mountains majesty. It would destroy if approved those hillsides in many ways in particular those views. I was going to post a public comment then thought I should just post it here and keep my copyright that way it's public but still copyrighted.


In 1997 an investment broker told me that the only way wind farms make any money is because of subsidies because they are net losses, no investor will get involved with those as they cannot make profits without those subsides. Since that time I have watched the green hustle industry sprout up with great concern and studied this form of "clean energy" in more depth. They consume more energy than the produce. They do not provide the power promised in the sales pitches where they say "will power" this or that many homes. Often times they will power only a recharging cell phone if even that as they are intermittent chaotic unreliable energy. They often produce no power at all and this start stop chaos is like driving in city traffic behind a car that's falling apart and sputtering thus using more energy as the peaker power has to ramp up and down thus using more energy. They tax the grids. They rely 100% on "back up" primary sources of power from natural gas, coal, and nuclear, and some hydro. These are being built on lies that 1 particle of carbon dioxide per 2500 other particles of air "gets trapped" and "form blankets that do not let heat escape". If anyone involved in this hustle has one of these blankets please provide one or more to me to provide to the homeless shelters this winter. Please try insulating an open window with this carbon dioxide "blanket" at home in winter and when you see it doesn't work close the window with that solid pane or double pane of glass that does insulate. Carbon blankets do not exist, it is sales pitch and a very disingenuous one. Carbon in the air dissipates when ever there is an excess. We saw an example of this in Lahaina, Maui the most disastrous wildfire that consumed the entire town. All the carbon has come back to Earth. The black billowing clouds are gone. That horror evolved because these "green new deal ideals" are prioritizing fantasy over reality, prioritizing "equitable" distribution of water when it was absolutely needed immediately earlier in the day. Wind energy is also based on these insane principles using junk science of imprecise relative measure, climate that is always changing naturally with only frigid upper atmosphere and space cooling it, the sun heating it, and water vapor forming causing change, what man does is insignificant. The junk science ideas of "managing climate" and "blankets" in the sky are becoming a great concern for Horse Heaven farming of wind as the foundations of these "clean energy" systems are the same kind of managing climate nonsense used in prioritizing things improperly. There they in a real emergency focused on "equitably farming and allocating water" whereas those principles allowed and even legally required that fire to burn and ravage that town in Maui's dry side of the island when simple proven absolute principles of managing fire were thrown to the wind to instead favor green nonsense delays in allocating ample water for what was the major priority. I have looked over some of the comments and photos. It's clear there are grassy areas there dry and brown in the summer. Installing towering turbines that are all filled with hundreds of gallons of hydraulic OILS is a danger as they are not able to put out the fires, they let them burn themselves out. If this occurs in high winds it could be another disaster that big in the right or wrong conditions. They would not be able to fly overhead to drop water. Getting close to the fire would be a danger by ground crews as flaming oil could be spraying down everywhere the wind took it lighting up grasses everywhere with winds spread it fast. As more of these systems have in error been allowed to build up we have seen more fires than ever and videos showing how they just have to let them burn. In a comment by Margaret Hue on June 5, 2022 mention was made that these turbines [and their wind current change] will disturb the grasses below making them dryer. In Lahaina, Maui those winds were fierce and horizontal and dry so if the winds were fierce at Horse Heaven they'd spread flames great distances in an instant. It's a horrible danger to place these wind turbines ANYWHERE that has dry flammable grasses in summer. The entire foundation of claims of why these "need to be built" is based on the lies and junk science being presented about climate changing in such a form as it being a "threat to our entire existence", this is nothing but using slick marketing and warped science to scare the public into submitting to some kind of "solution" that these marketing geniuses then present for profiteering in their portfolios. One of many examples available is Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board owns Pattern Energy which owns these occasional energy systems in Ocotillo and other places, thus we could accurately state that these wind farms are pipelines to California's electric ratepayers cash and credit cards. One comment regarding the Horse Heaven wind project stated "they send the energy to California" but they actually "send energy bills" more than any energy as it's the rate and  tax payers that keep propping these propellers blowing their cash into pension funds. I suggest a pause on any approvals at minimum and at best a complete scrapping of the project with emphasis on it's danger to the public to install these systems where there are flammable grasses that could ignite during any dry time of the year. Since they are proven to be scams as stated by many including those who sell investments and since that time there has been so much information affirming that fact and that there is no need for unreliable energy that creates chaos and very difficult management of grids these systems are not needed anywhere and should all have setbacks of 7 million miles placed only on the Sun.

Copyright 2023 Kenneth Wegorowski