What is wrong with this picture of the United States, Austrailia, and Europe all dumping their reliable clean efficient energy saving coal and nuclear for chaotic wind energy which is inefficient and wastes energy while we watch and read that India one of the countries that barely has electricity is ramping up reliable clean energy efficient coal?*

Energy zealouts will proclaim like cult leaders that we need to follow them and destroy our coal industry which we saw actually occur after Obama Baracko was elected in 2008. This is one big reason Trump got the win and the Democrats have gone insane as the common people who comprise most of the 2800 counties in America that voted for him suffered with the coal industry losses under the liberal wacko energy schemes.

Baracko and family now happens to be multi millionairist and is doing the Al Gore hypocrite thing do as I say not as I do as they all consume massive quantities of FOSSIL FUEL based energies and will continue to do so. They just placed an offer a $15 million home on an island at sea level. Are they going to build a protective border wall between their home and the ocean 100 feet high?

These fantastical sales masters of hype have convinced the world that wind and solar are our saviors while we fuel their wealth of energy. How many wind turbines do they have on their front or back yards? Zero. Of course none of us have power plants in our yards either so that is not a fair assesment, but in looking back at all the claims made by these leaders into the energy abyss it is perfectly clear that they have had the chance to live their talk and they did not because as is the case every time with these energy scams like with religious scams those who preach the loudest and most effective always live like kings. It's even worse though with these ones in energy saviorism as even kings of past centuries did not tell their peasants to suffer with less while they got more though many religious cults do this.

Wind energy is a cult filled with sales schemes that 3rd world countries are not going for because of the simple reason that they are inefficient. They cost more than coal. They use more energy than coal.

So while these kinds of energy saviorism emass energy if the United States continues down this path of energy unreliability we could see countries like India and China become so strong on the very things that made America strong that world war 3 becomes a topic of discussion.

And while they all continue to preach and we bring logic to the table it all uses more fossil fuel energy as the entire grid is 100% based on it's use for reliable power for all our computers and devices and motors that cause climate change on our washing machines and electric cars.

3rd world countries have not succumbed to the throat ramming of solar and wind because they are not stupid like we are. We all get so drunk on media loft we actually believe the pitches as we catch that fast ball that tells us that we are doomed if we don't hope we change to "clean energy" which is black energy because all of it relies on coal and nuclear and natural fracked gas.

To explain this another way, it's like depending on your son or daughter to go to the market for some milk, that's clean reliable coal and fossil fuel energies, the job gets done efficiently and within 20 minutes as there's only one person involved. Wind and solar being that they are extremely complicated to manage build and maintain and rely on subsidies is like having to ask your son or daughter to walk down the street to tell the reverend that the cow on the farm was moved to the wind farm and can he tell the farmer to milk the cow and put the milk in the container he provides the reverend and he adds for the reverend to give that milk to the mailman who can then drop it off to the teacher at the little community school who has a refrigerator which is the only one that works in the whole town as they all went 100% wind and solar and now nothing works as this entire delivery system was set up by eco-government which then charges you to use your toilet seat they mandated you buy from them as it has a coating that prevents bacterial growth as you sit on your throne wondering how we got to this place of giving away our energy to others who keep wasting it.

So as we learn that India is planning to supply reliable electricity based on reliable energy efficient coal to it's rural regions once again our jaws drop as here in the United States which is supposed to be one of the richest countries in the world, places like Chevelon Canyon Ranch have no electricity yet they are expected to deal with the utter trashing of their viewscapes so that the elitists who invest in this wind energy create energy for themselves based on the energy of others. What a slap in the head each day that would be if this project was approved as we ponder how is it that in the USA rural areas are ignored while in India Indians are getting reliable grid power directly to their shacks.

Monsoons there are vital to any hydroelectric and since those are seasonal they are not reliable like coal and petroleum.

Most rural India areas burn wood for their cooking of foods and the plan is to bring portable tanks of petroleum gas which will burn many times cleaner and more efficient which then drastically reduces the amount of carbon dioxide anyway but try to tell that to energy zealots and you get a pie in your face.

*More reading on 3rd world countries building reliable coal in India where they don't worry about heat escaping into frigid space above them because they don't live in a bubble like "advanced" countries who watch too much TV do in a country that also presents "clean energy" indoctrination in schools rather than teaching them how to figure out when they are being scammed.



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski