Levelized cost for wind energy is higher than coal, nuclear, hydro powers.



One of the problems with all the hype and promises of a "clean energy future" that is heavily based on creating wind farms everywhere and that wind energy farming is more costly than other sources.

How can this be if they are "renewable energy sources"? We have repeatedly been told in a variety of medias that wind energy is basically free.

Money is energy. If wind power is more costly than it's using more energy than providing it. There is no way around this.

It's especially MORE COSTLY than using existing resources i.e. existing coal generation facilities that still have many years of useful life instead of shutting them down to build brand spanking new wind farms which all are 100% dependent on fossil fuels to build and maintain, fuels that most people who support wind energy believe falsely that wind farming is eliminating.

This chart below shows it nicely from a report found here by authors George Taylor author of the report "The Hidden Costs of Wind Electricity" and Tom Stacy who has studied electrical generation and policies and testified in state level proceedings about the unsound functions of wind energy in regards to energy implementation rules.

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image credit Tom Stacy and George Taylor



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