Money is green energy - look how much more green energy is used to fuel countries that rely more on wind power than the US



That green energy is mostly created by the use of fossil fuels. Even the power that wind generates that is provided to industry relys on this green fossil fuel based energy as they are all HEAVILY dependent on subsidies and those subsides are not coming from wind power, they come from industry that is based on fossil fuels. So much of the world's products now are made cheaply in China and that country relies heavily on ever expanding use of coal. We are going in circles dizzying ourselves so much now on "clean energy" and climate change endeavors that people are becoming so stressed out it's like being on that ride at the carnival that spins and spins making the child sick. All you want to do is get off and sit. In real life what happensk is the hucksters are all making our heads spin. They do this in so many ways. Then after we get sick they say sit here, hand over your vote, and that they will make sure you don't get sick anymore as they fix the problem for you, and here is a chart that shows you what you get back. In South Australia they added so many "renewable" projects they are paying 3 times more for electric than the US. Although the US has expansion of "renewables" it's a smaller amount by comparison.


I don't see China on this chart. I would guess it's less than the US. China is a communist country so it's probably not data that is made available but it's well known they are ever expanding their cheap sources of energy.

Some in the climate cult might look at this chart and all they will see is "clean energy" at the top and unicorns and rainbows because they imagine that no matter what the cost it's worth saving Earth and being a super hero but that ignores that Earth does not need to be saved by adding ever expanding industrialization which is exactly what wind and solar is doing. The chart showing the costs present in basic analysis 3 times more industrialization thus pollution by adding wind and solar which are unreliable chaotic sources of energy. It's like starting and stopping your car 1000 times driving to work taking 5 hours to get there compared to 3 stops merely to get on and off the free flowing highway but then adding the task of going uphill. Wind and solar are uphill endeavors.

Solar and wind are expensive sources of power. Anyone who has land in the country off the grid knows this. You cannot be poor living off the land and expect to install solar and wind power to be a part of the industrial revolution and use appliances that all generate climate changing heat without ample amounts of cash available. Even financing them like college loans is costly.

"The latest data fromthe Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook (EIA,2019) suggests that solarand wind plants can produce electricity at about 6 cents per kWh, while a natural gas combinedcycle plant produces at roughly 4 cents per kWh."

That's 50% higher than cheap reliable fossil fuel based energies. The reason these wind and solar energies are more costly is they USE MORE ENERGY over all than what they produce.

Wind is 100% dependent on fossil fuels to be manufactured from raw materials, installed, maintained, and to run. Solar panels are plastic, wire with plastic coating, and more wire with plastic coating, minerals mined using fossil fuels and will always be done that way unless you have slaves with horses and carts mining it being paid 2 cents a day.

Renewable portfolio standards (RPS) that are as high as 60% now as for California are going to drive electricity prices to the atmosphere if the people don't wake out of this climate cult illusion and change their leadership in the government decision making processes. Industrialists and portfolioists will be thrilled if climate cultism continues as they will have more money than God and will be spending it all like rock stars. You think they will all live meager lives and donate it all to make sure everyone in the world has a decent place to live?

If so show me the homes, I am not interested in seeing your money.



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