Temporarily disabled energy vs. permanently disabled energy


10/9/2022 by Kenneth Wegorowski

A reliable power manufacturing facility in Europe has become temporarily disabled and thus is relying a robust energy to keep it's ancillary functions abled and guess what is being used, reliable fossil fuels. No they did not bring in any permanently disabled wind turbine or solar panel made energy as that is unreliable and chaotic and simply cannot do the job like an able bodied form of energy can. The woke greenitics don't care about that they say it's inequitable to keep discriminating against disabled energy.

In the non-unicorn world of energy we know that we cannot have a well oiled machine that relys on energy that's bound to a wheelchair that simply cannot do the job. We can only hire fully able energy and that is nuclear power, coal, hydro electric, natural gas. Anything less is disabled energy and in the case of wind and solar it's unable energy as it cannot perform as needed when needed.

These disabled energy landscape horror farms are all basically energy transfer schemes, your energy to theirs.

this is not saving the planet it's saving portfolios


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