Out of hundreds of turbines at Palm Springs one was rotating on a NO WIND DAY



There is no way this one turbine was being powered by the wind yet it was rotating. Hundreds of others sitting completely still. I see this happen many times where various ones will be rotating on a no wind day but this was the first time it was only one doing this - drawing energy from the fossil fuel based electrical grid - making me laugh in how obvious it made the fact that they DRAW POWER.

I scanned and scanned as I was driving down the hill and after being stopped and there was only this one drawing power. This could be that it needed it's scheduled powered rotation they do to make sure they don't seize, maybe they fixed something and were testing it, maybe it was a malfunction, but one thing for sure, it was not rotating due to hamsters in a cage, or by a man servicing it turning it by hand, or by wind as there was absolutely none, it was powered from the grid drawing electricity.

I think it's very important people understand this fact which is NEVER presented in all the sales pitches that present these ugly things as glamorous or as someone to lean on.

Maybe a carbon dioxide AIR blanket fell from the sky that had rubber bands on it got tangled and caused it to spin like the propeller on a kids lightweight airplane where you rotate the propeller by hand causing the rubber band to create tension and store kinetic energy and then releasing it making the propeller spin but I looked and did not see any carbon blanket up there or rubber bands.

UPDATE: 11/16/2019 I just completed my new film "The Lone Wind Ranger" view it here or by clicking on the lone wind turbine image above.

UPDATE: 11/22/2019 I just learned the other day that these things can be spinning and not producing power and not only drawing power THEY CAN BE DUMPING POWER. When there is too much power being generated they can DUMP ENERGY onto these farms. Why is this happening? Why in these days of all this smart technology crap is there too much FOSSIL FUEL BASED energy being DUMPED. Now I look at these things and sometimes see energy landfills. View "The Lone Wind Ranger" for reference on this. Is that lone wind ranger DUMPING ENERGY???



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski