Promises of powering 1,000,000 homes are udder bullfart sleazy sales pitches



Renewables rise but fossil fuels still power nation
The Australian
Geoff Chambers
13 September 2019

"Notwithstanding its enormous geographical spread, Australia’s wind power fleet delivers an unreliable, chaotic and occasional source of electricity, often when and where it’s needed least; often collapsing without warning, when it’s needed most.

On numerous occasions, wind power output collapses in magnitudes of thousands of MWs, with the entire fleet often struggling to produce more than 400 MW or 6% of notional capacity."

On average it's maybe 18%. And these wind farms don't care how bad they wreck landscapes and views for miles and miles all around.

Building energy platforms on wind energy is a waste of energy. We could have had everyone in the world homed by now with all the money getting thrown at this INDUSTRY that feeds and houses all the industrialists and their workers. Housing people itself can bring tremendous productivity.

Trillions spent. No homes. There is nothing wrong with work and profits per se but there is something very wrong when it's very well known that wind farming wastes energy. They are net losses. This will NEVER change as wind is chaotic. Batteries will never be the solution as physics cannot be ignored. No we are not just around the corner from a great break through except in the imaginataions of those looking for your energy.

They cannot function without your subsidy energy. It has been this way for 40 years + even Columbus knew this, which means as you gleefully throw your tax dollars at these projects to save planet Earth from space aliens you have to drive to work 2 more weeks instead of having a vacation so you are giving wind power companies and all their investors money so they can buy a yahcht and a Miami condo almost at penthouse level while you step in poo because that homeless person on the sidewalk in those fabulously run liberal states that are trying to con you into shredding the US constitution so they always win every presidential election have you focused on providing housing and health care for all the people in other countries.

In the article it's stated that Australia is still powered primarily by coal. You would not know this when you speak with just about anyone in the sleasy renewable energy industry that's looking to get your green energy.

"Total energy production by fuel type was led by black coal, natural gas and oil, followed by brown coal and renewables."

And elswhere we find:

"On average,utility scale solar plants have a capacity factor (i.e., average power generated divided by its peakpotential supply over the course of a year) of about 25% and wind plants are not much higher at2An additional seven states enacted non-binding targets under similar programs. This fact comes fromBushnell et al.(2017) and 34% according to the EIA. This means that a comparison of LCOEs between these intermittentsources and “baseload” technologies that “always” operate (e.g., natural gas combined cycle plantshave capacity factors of 85%) is very misleading with respect to total system costs, because they do not account for the additional costs necessary to supply electricity when they are not operating. For example, given current cost structures, the installation of renewables are frequently paired with the construction of natural gas “peaker” plants that can quickly and relatively inexpensively cycleup and down, depending on the the availability of the intermittent resource." -  page 3 and 4

page 5 states:

When the CO2emissions estimates arecombined with the estimated impact on average retail electricity prices, the cost per metric ton ofCO2 abated exceeds $130 in all specifications and can range up to $460, making it at least severaltimes larger than conventional estimates of the social cost of carbon (Greenstone et al., 2013;EPA,2016).

In other words as I have stated before wind energy uses more energy and thus is black energy.



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