Does this make any sense to remove carbon dioxide recycling factories and plant solar power seeds instead?



Owner of the land wants to build horse and "special needs" therapy farm and pay for it from solar farming revenues yet they don't have permits and the town told them to cease. Notice all the missing carbon dioxide recycling plants.

image snapshot from video found here by Kevin Larose calling it a controversial project in his neighborhood

So here they clear cut forest to plant sun seeds that will capture radiation and make electricity so we can "stop global warming" as that is the basis for all these solar projects. I though clear cutting forests was something environmentalists were opposed to. Trees also provide cooling to Earth.

The owner would get revenues because of the illusion that solar is saving the world from carbon dioxide thus all the renewable energy credits which are mere transfers of energy, but that makes no sense, it removes the very things that effectively and efficiently recycle carbon dioxide.

Insanity has reached new levels in the fake green energy movement.



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