Imagine being told you have an endless supply of gasoline but you have to go to Antarctica to get it yourself with a sail boat and no food


12/6/2019 updated 12/16/2019

Wind and solar promise endless supplies but they are worthless if they are not reaching the actual users. We are being presented an illusion that we are getting that energy.

The promises of endless renewable energy provided to a grid that it's customers absolutely depend on it being there when they need it 24 hours a day every second of the day are a farce as the electricity they generate is chaotic and can not be delivered "as and when it is needed" thus renewables have no commercial value. It's like being told you have won the lottery for $1 billion and to accept the money you have to go to the bottom of the sea to get the ticket that fell into the water due to climate change which now causes everything bad that happens to everyone. Meanwhile all those who collected that money from the lottery tickets are rich and blow their wads on fossil fuel based stuff.

Wind farms for example only generate when the wind blows at certain speeds but the other sources of RELIABLE INERTIA BASED energy of coal, nuclear, hydro, and natural gas are already turned on producing and they can't be just shut off like an laundry room light switch, thus, the energy they produce is virtually worthless. It can't be used most of the time. It gets dumped.

So what's the point of having endless supplies? It's like the salesman saying we have an endless supply of water on Earth and you are in the middle of the Sahara Desert and he's selling you an aquarium pump. Sure it pumps water but does it have any value to you the consumer for what your needs are? No.

Similarly the wind industry is pumping and dumping within it's bubble world of grid energy. What is going on here?

Learning that these wind farms actually DUMP POWER from other wind farms was a SHOCK, a jolt of surprise.

Is this "Enron: The Sequal"?



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