Reverse radiative forcing by by natural and man forged "gasses" and aerosols are seen in this chart measured shown in blue. Notice the nitrogen oxides (nitrogen and oxygen), sulfur dioxide, ORGANIC CARBON, ammonia, and land use changes pretty much totally have already created that NET ZERO emissions when you ever so easily and obviously see it right before our faces in this chart listing the physical drivers of climate change and understand the reality of carbon.

image credit Eric Fisk, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

That's using their science that is still very much not absolute science but does present how their contradictions are void of presenting this balance to the public which keeps hearing the mantra of CO2/BAD. Have you ever once heard it said that sulpher dioxide creates a reverse effect? It cancels out the methane based on this diagram, thus we could go back to just looking at CO2 and point out it never changes much, is balanced by nature without man doing anything, does not insulate, and only comprises 1/2500 of the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is always there and does nothing to insulate the sky nor does it insulate your open window in winter, just exhale a few times to see how it never insulates. Climate change claims of need for intervention are a hustle to get your energy and create pipelines to your GREEN $$$$.
Solar will fix it?

Where will that solar panel waste go? It will NOT go to the cities that their consumerism and demand for new products keep destroying the planet. The demands for ever increasing industrial expansion will cause it to go to buy up more rural land to create land fills of this toxic waste, outside the cities, next to rural communities that want no part of this, places where to escape the cities ever expanding madness and homelessness and constantly increasing problems and as all the rich and upper classes keep getting go to recharge when there isn't massive 82 square mile disabled energy projects such as that of West Camp Wind Farm in Arizona's Chevelon Canyon Ranch area that is now approved for destroying that entire region with their massive wind turbine disabled energy trickle energy behemoth that channels your $$$ into portfolios creating direct pipelines to milk that cash cow of subsidies and electric bills.

Those same governing and industrialist hustlers who are "all in this together" also found the way to finally tax food, tax cow farts, and methane emissions of 1/528,541th of the environment that is 78% nitrogen (a greenhouse gas that also does NOTHING to trap heat and if anyone claims nitrogen is not a greenhouse gas ask them to prove there is none in a greenhouse).

For a test please tell all these hustlers and their cult followers to place these floaty movable Greenhouse Air Gasses (GAG) made of green house air nothing over a window in winter and see how it does NOT INSULATE.

We could also point out the reverse radiative forcing by nitrogen oxides (nitrogen and oxygen), sulfer dioxide, and land use changes that pretty much totally have already created that NET ZERO emissions when you ever so easily and obviously see it right before our faces in this chart listing the "physical drivers of climate change".


written on 10/24/2022 kenneth wegorowski