Rocky Forge claims of homes powered by the wind exaggerated by 10,000%



Once again I will claim my bag of potatoes will power my electric car and 10 million other electric cars longer than wind farms will power all the homes they continually puke out in their claims.

In the case of Rocky Forge, "Apex claims Rocky Forge will power “up to 20,000 homes annually” from an output of 75 megawatts. Yet according to PJM, owner and operator of the transmission lines, line capacity from Rocky Forge to the main power grid is limited to a little over 10 megawatts. This amounts to just 13 percent of Apex’s claimed rated capacity."

Who cares what the engineers and operators say about how the train can't go any faster or how Titanic won't hit an iceberg or ever sink.

Thus the REALITY is that the farm at multi million cost of consumer and taxpayer energy will AT MOST produce UP TO 13% of their claims and in all reality since the wind is so erratic and chaotic and the energy actually produced will be minimal and another 25% of that energy or more will be DUMPED as grids cannot always use that energy, Rocky Forge area would be lucky if they got 1% of what is claimed.



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski