Super rich movie producer is selling his estate on Santa Barbara exclusive beach


by Kenneth Wegorowski

Yes that is EXCLUSIVE as in excluding those not welcome to visit.

The rich & famous movie producer talks about those who keep selling the climate doom script and puts his lavish Santa Barbara beach front estate up for sale at $33 million Petroleum Based Dollars (PBD).

NONE of these wealthyists have all that cash and property based on fake clean trickle energy it's all based on Plane Earth's fuels being burned and used for energy and all the world's manufacturing processes.

The property is 102 acres right on the Pacific Ocean. The movie producer is familiar with using facades and sets in making films.

I'm not sure he realizes that wind farms and solar are movie sets. They present an illusion and a story based on a script that may seem real but it's still just a story.

They are real in that they are actual structures but they are not that much different than many movie sets as the foundations are built on presenting a story.

Wind and solar energies are net losses. They cannot function without fossil fuels. They rely on massive amounts of oil for lubrication and hydraulics. They are pretty schizophrenic stop start and are like dealing with wild monkeys on a movie set throwing their shit all over the place.

Solar panels are forged using massive quantities of coal. The Navajo Indians know this, they sell all their coal to China to make them and then we have the Ben & Jerry's telling us we need to give them their land back, rofl puke.

The property for sale is behind guarded gates which open and close reliably 24/7 based on electricity made by reliable Plane Earth based fuels that are the base of providing 24/7 constant flows of electricity, but those sets of wind and solar farms present the film story line of "they provide free energy" and "save the planet" muck.

This would be like saying the hotel in the western actually provided the cowboys and indians a place to stay and equally get drunk, even though you saw beds and a bar there it's still just a movie set.

Starting in 2024 though these movies would be following DIE protocols so the cast is diverse races thus the indians that appear from beyond the hills have Negroids, Caucazoids, Chinese, Semetic, Gender Hackers and disabled all riding their high horses,

In the producer's theatrics about climate he is said to have said in 2019 that people need to wake the fuck up on the issue of climate change liking it to like we are all Thelma and Louise driving direct to the canyon at 90 mph in our electric cars with the radio loud and too busy enjoying the fresh breeze to care the obvious heading for a crash. He does live in the drama capitol of the world so just try to find anyone there that doesn't talk like that. mentions this in their article,

In 2016 he released a new documentary warning of the dangers of climate change while painting Hillary Clinton as the only presidential candidate that will work to save the planet.

Using footage of threatening wildfires, floods, hurricanes, drought, and melting glaciers, Cameron made a video many said felt like a major disaster film warning Americans about the dangers of global warming.

The film was narrated by Sigourney Weaver and featured actors like Jack Black, Don Cheadle and America Ferrara.

“Eventually Miami will be under water, it’s just a matter of when,” Black warned the world in the video.

More drama alert!

If there was really any climate problem banks would never loan money to these homes on the beach anywhere nor would they loan money to any homebuyer or for any structure in Florida.

He bought the place for like a mere 4 million $ many years ago. The price increase means that more fossil fuels are needed to purchase it than before as all $ energy is based on using petrol as are all the rich portfolios, none of it is made with wind farms. All wind farms do is farm wind and farm your cash to send in pipelines to Canadian Teachers pensions and that of others and when you buy pet food at Petco you are also sending your $ made by petrol to that fund.

I call it GREED energy. It's 100% certified pipelines to your cash.

Now playing "Planet of the Humans" that points out the lies of climate doom and offeres a solution to those rich producers who's wealth is 100% derived from oil.

The reality of this climate horror flick dog and pony show business as it concerns REAL LIFE is that it's actually clouds that cause climate change not carbon which does nothing and like carbon water filters it filters the air like hellooooo it's carbon, the thing everything is made of. If you drink poison you know what the universal antidote is? It's carbon. They say to burn toast and eat that along with milk. Carbon is a purifier. Does not form blankets. If you find any please donate them to my charity so I can give these imaginary blankets to the homeless for the upcoming winter.

Need to rewrite that whole climate script. Ticket prices for this show are getting expensive. The audiences are starting to get bored.

Oh the dude's name is James Cameron. You can see my name below. I produce this website. Not as entertaining. Hollywood film making is great. Maybe I will be famous and rich some day.

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