Sierra Club and it's members live well off all the energy created by the fossil fuel industry that fuels their cash flows while preaching to the rest of us that we need to leave fossil fuels in the ground and while supporting massive wind farm projects that undoubtedly support their portfolios



Yet another of the many who preach save the planet from fossil fuels who are fully dependent on the use of fossil fuels to fuel their income is pushing for wind farm development. This time it's in Erie County and by a Sierra Club member.

I learned about one member who is going to speak in the Buffalo, NY area in support of proposed wind farm the developers and Democrat politicians want to plop in the middle of Lake Erie as an attraction to draw people to the shores and thus boost tourism. I joke about this draw tourists thing, but it's not a joke and it would destroy the fantastic beauty there. I remember going to that lake many times, once late at night I sat there to recharge. There was no flashing red lights. It was peaceful. This would not be possible anymore if wind farming was installed right in the middle of the lake. Recharging at the lake would require me to bring an extention cord after cutting the cord for cable then relying on new cords for internet streams and lakes.

To recharge then I would have to go to the country but when I got there guess what there's these fucking wind farms there too.

How is it that Sierra Club has such a long standing reputation as being protectors of wildlife and open space and yet they are all for wind farming in the lake? Are they lost in the carbon clouds? Are they just too focused on cash flow? They need more oxygen as puke green new deal babble is filling the room with too much CO2 hot air.

Maybe they understand all of this fully and don't really really care like we think they do I mean like it's not rocket science to understand how spinning giant propellers on a stick are going to chop and kill flying wild life they have cliamed they work to protect.

Here is what is listed in the biography of this one member worth paying attention to as she is retired and actively promoting wind.

Ellen Banks - Buffalo

My first environmental project was a high school paper on General Electric's pollution of the Mohawk River. The GE logo loomed over my Schenectady childhood as a working class kid (my father worked in the turbine-generator plant until downsized out of a job) with a peer group of engineers' and physicists' children: a mild but real introduction to social class inequality. Girl Scouting gave me early leadership experience and love of the woods and lakes of the Adirondacks. After graduating from the University of Buffalo and earning a doctorate at Harvard University, I taught psychological science at Daemen College for 41 years. Since retiring I've increased my involvement in the Niagara Group on our Executive Committee, volunteering with the Beyond Coal Campaign, chairing our Climate and Energy Committee, and in our Writers' Group. I've served on several Town of Amherst committees including the Clean Energy Community group and Rezoning, and I am a community and family mediator.  I would be honored to work with the Chapter as we build coalitions to leave all fossil fuels in the ground and work toward clean renewable energy with justice. 

That is a complete fantasy or lie to say we shall leave all fossil fuels in the ground. It is not possible in an industrialized world. Wind farms are all dependent 100% on the fossil fuel reliable based grid to function at all. They rely on fossil fuels to be built and maintaned. I have to conclude that she has to know this how can anyone not know this in her position?

She claims she is retired. Let's look at this and ask some questions. How is her retirement fund generated, unicorns from space dropping money into her bank accounts? All retirement fund income is generated by fossil fuels and will always be.

Maybe her horses in the pasture are now doing all the work now for her and birds she helped save (wind farm push excepted) are dropping sunflower seeds and wheat kernels in funnels on top of her roof where they fall and collect into big bins so she can make bread daily for her family. She does not own a car or use gasoline or electricity obviously.

Clearly she must be retired just like how many people are retired, where money just appears in her bank accounts, money all generated by the burning of fossil fuels to survive in our present day and age of devices, washers and dryers, etc. I find it to be disingenuous for anyone to promote the end of fossil fuel use when all of their income is and always will be based on these fuels unless they show us all how they are living like cultures lived in the 1400's.

I find people like this to be disingenuous cons or liars or smoking too much carbon dioxide clouds who are not helping the planet and people over all but rather presenting fake illusions to sell you something. This person is getting people to believe climate lies making rezoning for ugly destructive wind farms, and this is seriously affecting the planet negatively and must be called out for what it is.

Most retirement portfolios contain profits from energy companies thus she must be receiving your some of that financial energy from your electric bills with all these energy scams.

I think it's a follow the money thing as taxpayers are footing the bill for wind farms and the energy flows into investment portfolios and retirement funds and the Sierra Club is heavily dependent on such methods of financial delivery in trust funds they survive on and there is an assault on the wind farm gravy train after it's been full steam ahead for the last 22 years.

These people are dangerous. They are infecting public policy and need to be exposed. We need to use knowledge of the real facts and understand the lies of carbon dioxide which do not form foot prints or blankets and the marketing techniques that are being used to con us out of our resources while all of these preachers keep using the very things they claim need to be "left in the ground" and usually use more of it than most of us and most of them I would guess are planning to continue to do so into the future. There is no way an industrialized world full of cash flow can exist without fossil fuel use. Any such claims to end the use of fossil fuels is pure fantasy, delusion, illusion, confusion, lies, con games, or ignorance.



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