Stop Chevelon Butte Wind it's yet one more wind project trying to collect your energy 'for the greater good' of others portfolios and pensions

As of August 2023 the project of course was not stopped any more than anyone stopped climate from changing. Phase 1 is built and "powering 700 billion homes" or some other wild exaggeration. There's not even power lines to the properties surrounding this wasteful venture of vultures that eat your cash through subsidies and ever increasing electric bills. With all the talk about "indiginous rights" and stolen land by Europeans why didn't the land owners who own about a billion square miles of land there just give it all back?

Chevelon Canyon hiking is was gorgeous and unspoiled ☺ pictures of Chevelon Butte and area ☺ photo climing up Chevelon Butte ☺ view from above ☺

Chevelon Butte wind massive 49 square mile "MAKE ENERGY & BURN ENERGY" project is yet one more renewable energy landfill. They dump over supply of energy on these things. Watch them spin they might be burning up energy not producing it. The project is currently approved by all government leaders involved in making decisions in Coconino and Navajo counties irregardless of what all the people in the MOST AFFECTED wanted, IT NOT TO BE BUILT. The area is now doomed if it is not stopped. A drive to Sitgreaves Forest from Winslow will be through an industrial mess of white turbine towers as high as Los Angeles skyscrapers sometimes spinning by day and super bright red flashing lights by night. Views looking down the hill from Mogollon Ranch to the NorthEast will feature these during day and at night feature a horizon of annoying distracting disgusting flashing red lights all night long. Arizonan's must not even understand that if built it will increase carbon dioxide emissions due to standby power needs and ruin vast vistas for a hundred square miles all around and cost us all more in our energy bills and use of our taxes to mainly make others rich. Bill Gates chimed in recently stating it's time to stop messing with renewables. We should use energy subsidies instead to  add local power to rural areas east of the canyon, they have no power out there yet they look up and see high tension power lines and starting in 2020 could start seeing turbines be built and still have no power. Build homes and help small business thrive instead of giving the already rich industrialists around the world, Wall Street, and already rich ranch owners our green dollar energy making them multi millionaires and billionaires so they can live like rock stars and waste massive amounts more all based on fossil fuels as they all climb over each other to be the first trillionaire using your energy. Wind farms are a sham. They are movie sets presenting an illusion

Wind farms WASTE ENERGY This has been known for decades. Look at the costs of Steel Winds at Lake Erie as they replace new turbines after less than 12 years not 25. Ontario, Canada halted 758 renewable projects because they WOKE UP. Cheaper for them to pay millions to get out of contracts. You are paying for it all in taxes and energy bills and taxes and energy bills. Now you know why your taxes and rates always go up, if only the rest of the world had a brain and actually arrive at Oz TO PULL BACK THE RENEWABLE ENERGY CURTAIN. They have even ruined Hawaii with this crap. Is this how we want the world to look everywhere? NO! This is energy abuse! End this waste of your green $$$ energy now!



look at how Chevelon Butte Wind Farm would likely look in the day 

view shadow flicker caused when sun lowers behind turbines 

nuclear plants are being built all over the world for reliable clean energy because wind is inefficient dark green or even black energy in reality

read more on the Chevelon Butte area and proposed project and what it would do to the landscape and views there

contact your representatives who often represent portfolios over the people regarding this project

when asked some talk like this about hot air wind blowing their way

"I will avoid any area that contains wind farms as a place to live and retire and if they build them near me I will move the hell away from these pieces of crap that are destroying landscapes everywhere leaving no place serene to 'recharge'"

don't let this happen to your community - or your neighbor's community where you go to recharge
climate change is a big fat lie and is the foundation for all of these messes to be built which rob you of your energy