Sustainable energy is such a broad term it really doesn't mean anything



This term "sustainable" has become the marketing buzz term used to sell us on wind and solar "fake" energy for quite some time.

It has no real solid legal meaning though. It's just another glossy term to dress up a pig. That isn't even the proper way to describe it, more like dressing up a garbage dump.

It's inferred to mean that it relies on itself, it renews by itself, which of course is a lie as these systems in industrialist applications all rely on the broader electric grids that are all dependend on fossil fuels 100%.

It's meant to imply that we can not keep mining gold and silver coal for energy and instead we are building systems that renew themselves thus they sustain their own lives without waste, but this simply is false to the nth degree.

The term "renewable energy" is also a misnomer. Wind and solar renew but they also USE POWER in these industrialist applications while they do what they are designed to to and when they are manufactured, assembled, installed and maintained.



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski