Rhodes Ranch Fire - turbine caused 250 acre burn taking 2 days to contain how much energy did that use?

And how much carbon emissions?

A single wind turbine filled with hydraulic petroleum based oil catches fire in Taylor County in Texas causing 100 acres of land below to burn with only 10% containment. Story found at and local news site here as of Aug 26, 2019 / 10:08 PM CDT. As of Aug 27, 2019 / 10:08 AM CDT the site presented it at 200 acres at 50% containment.

UPDATE 8/28/2019 6:08 am pt the fire burned 250 acres and is at 75% containment. Click on the image below for latest then on their page look for Rhodes Ranch Fire.

UPDATE 8/28/2019 11:45 am pt 90% containment.


images by View Volunteer Fire Department

Anyone who pushes these wind farms is disingenuous if they don't also emphasise equally and with as much vigor as they try to sell you these, that they are terrible fire hazards waiting to happen. When the fact is that they cost energy more than make energy this whole wind farm scheme is absurd.

The terrain here where this farm is located is just like Chevelon Canyon areas with tremendous amounts of often found dry brush. How much energy is wasted in sending out air water drops which of course use reliable jet fuels derived from petroleum? These wind farm turbines all contain hydraulic oils and electrical energy that they all draw from the grid and when a turbine catches fire it spews these oils onto the ground along with flames. In rural areas this can be disasterous.

Will SPower provide full time fire department on site ready to spring into action immediately? Even if they do where do they get the money from for that, us taxpayers because we subsidize these farms.

We all can easily recall the horrific Rodeo-Chedeski fire that struck Heber-Overgaard burning hundreds of thousands of acres and a number of homes. We don't need this crap. And guess who pays for fire suppression efforts? We do in our taxes and in this case of the volunteer fire department in Texas, we do with our hard labor as well. The energy costs of fire suppression, the costs we pay to subsidize the building and maintenance of these farms IS A WASTE OF ENERGY.



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