today's date is always found on calendars The Cause of Climate Change is H2O not CO2 and modern science is like modern art


7/4/2022 by Kenneth Wegorowski

TODAY is July 4th an American holiday celebrating freedom so it's kind of fitting I'm writing about the one thing that will free us from the shackels of climate change mania that has erroneouly alleged without a shred of proof that carbon is "the cause".

Water in all it's forms IS THE CAUSE. The three forms are solid, liquid, gaseous.

Often those promoting the lie of impending doom and even the extreme nonsense of "existence threat" use their modern science as justification for all sorts of absurd illogical biased push to upend an energy system that is proven by physics.

Modern science is like that artist that throws paint at a canvas making a mess and expects to make a splash in the art scene.

The science of CO2 did that effectively though fooling all the pompous ones.

H20 is the only cause of climate change. It's varying amounts change constantly in STARK CONTRAST to levels of CO2 which stay in balance at a mere 1/2500 ratio.

The difference is as high as 10,000% more H20 as a greenhouse gas that affects climate than that of carbon dioxide.

All the sales pitchers hustled the world never mentioning the greenhouse gas that actually is what causes climate change is H2O.

Their pitch "carbon is the cause" is like claiming rush hour traffic is due to driving slow. Now that we know this real cause of climate adjusting itself constantly (also subject to constant forces of Sun's heat and frigid space) it's time to present this H20 is the cause fact to all of these agencies and those bastardizing carbon the most plentiful mineral that is basis for all life and watch their heads explode all over the canvas they created from their utter ignorance and self absorbed lack of submersing themselves in old fashioned non-modern boring non-drama filled physics.

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