Traffic jam!



People have this fantastical fantasy image of clean green renewable energy like it flows like rivers endlessly to everyon's homes. Turns out it's more like driving to work in Los Angeles.

Actually it's worse, you eventually get to work in Los Angeles after 200 hours of sitting there in traffic, on the grid, guess what happens, projects get pulled from even being built (after YOU subsidize these companies with your tax dollars to spend billions on planning them) and these developed projects are build DUMPING ENERGY on the side of the road so to speak when they are stuck to lighten their load and go off road to get through it.

The side of the road is wind farms.

You see them spinning on a no wind or low wind day and they are BURNING UP excess renewable energy from solar farms rushing to get to work.

To solve that problem get ready for climate preachers to tell you upgrade of the grid is necessary. That will be used like promises decades ago that if only we built car pool lanes everywhere that would ease Los Angeles and Orange County traffic.

All roads in renewable energy lead to dirt.

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