Wind turbine energy provides zero return no matter how many are built


12/11/2020 by Kenneth Wegorowski

I like my world landscapes left alone and the push for fake clean energy systems are ruining it. They keep promising if we only build more we will be saved. I have covered how these systems waste energy. Triple the capacity could still provide zero return. They cannot function without your $ energy to subsidize them, basically making them function by you pouring endless dollars into them. This simply is not what happens with natural fuel sources that are in endless supply. The endless streams of sales pitches, especially as it comes from destructive forces, all WASTES ENERGY.

The world has always had cities, metropolis, where as a city centre becomes a collage of buildings and industry but now in the fake 'smart' era that chases illusions we see the infiltration of open spaces all over the countrysides all over the entire planet now being proliferated with industrial wind and solar plantations. They mostly make slaves out of us forcing us to write bigger checks to pay for it all which of course uses more energy and we become slaves to these systemic abuses of our energy for 30 year swaths.

We are told if only we build enough of pitch says they plan 3x more in one area. New Jersey is over zealous with these systems and goals to kill coal forever. They wish to triple their wind turbine blight at sea. All of this uses energy. Ridding an area of coal makes them more dependent on sources from other areas. If you think that the wind plantation will just provide all the locals free clean energy you are lost in an illusion which is what they want.

In an article here it mentions solar 'the winner' and points out that overall wind and solar plantations [that enslave us all to higher rates thus using more energy] still only make up 10% of our energy made.

I am guessing and maybe someone could calculate how many of these 'smart' devices and endless arrays of computer systems and server plantations there are consuming massive amounts of energy and that it would not take much to drop our use by 10% by watching less fake news manipulation of our energy and thus by lowering our energy use 10% we can by 2050 ELIMINATE 99% of all solar and wind blight on the planet.

It really would not be that hard to accomplish this lowering of our energy use by a mere 10%.

Eliminating these projects could help meet that goal of lowering our energy use 10% and by 2050 eliminating 99.999700thousandzillion percent of all solar and wind blight in the entire universe.

The easiest way to do this is reform the legal profession and medical systems that are riddled with waste and fraud.

The medical profession alone being reformed into a balanced approach to health using holistic means as a primary tool instead of endless wasteful arrays of drugs and vaccine poisons could save that 10% in a heart beat and thus free us from work on these plantations for good.



copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski