The mineral that is most important in wind farming is running out fast



The mineral's name is harder to find than Uranium, it's Unobtainable.

You see there is so much mining in volved in creating wind turbines it's unrealistic to claim they are renewable energy or clean energy when they cannot be built and maintained with out the very thing they are supposed to get rid of. Talk about oxy moron.

Thus building renewable energy that will save us from global warming is unobtainable. So if your fantasies rule and you must be a superhero get ready to dig for 900 tons of steel, 2500 tons of concrete, 45 tons of plastic and 220 tonnes of coal to make one of these ugly things or have your coal industry do it for you or have China's coal industry do it for you as they always have and keep doing.* 

So for Chevelon Butte wind blight flashing red lights across the horizon project you will need just for production of the turbines themselves will use 38,500 tonnes of dirty filthy disgusting evil coal and these will fall apart by 20 years and then you can watch them get graffitiied when they are abandoned like all industrialist projects, then you can watch your local governments repeatedly tell you they don't have the money to get them removed.


* reference



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski