California is the one that brought you that maddening Check Engine Light and now wants to throw all your cars into the land fill to save energy OMG this state is insane



I just learned that it's because of California and it's hyperprosuperpoweredcleanerrific air policies the entire planet has been infected with CEL's (Check Engine Lights).

It's stated in a description of the key leader in these policies Mary D. Nichols a career politician for "clean air" standards who believes that the climate is changing doomy and gloomy like. I spotted this on

Dump your car in the land fill buy new one that costs 100x more that ravages Earths fininte mineral resources to save the planet

Dump your car in the land fill buy new one that costs 100x more that ravages Earths fininte mineral resources to save the planet? Electric cars are still powered by oil and natural gas.

Here is some of her testimony dated September 24, 2018 found on the website where she faults Trump for making changes to the EPA,

"We worked closely with the EPAas we introduced key improvements, like the catalytic converter and the check engine light. Those innovations pioneered in California are now standardnot only throughout the U.S. butaround the world. " and "In addition,your own modelingis predicated on nearly doubling the current amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphereto nearly an astonishing 800 parts per million. That is nothing lessthan a recipe for disaster. Already, California is on fire and confronting drought and rising seas. We cannot sit idly byas you proposeto flat lineour efforts. We must continue to produce cars with fewer emissions, including millions more zero-emission vehicles".

As stated by California Air Resources Board Chair Mary D. Nichols who was appointed 2007 by "The Terminator" Governor Arnold S. going back to 1975.*

Nichols thinks Trump is ruining things with the rollbacks on EPA hyperprosuperstandards. The statements of already on fire, a whopping possibility of atmosphere containing and astonishing 8/10,000ths of life giving plant breath, and "recipie for disaster", the need for millions of zero-emission vehicles, is not realistic and it's hype, lies, deceit, exaggerations to the 1 million nth degree. People throw that parts per million number around a lot. Time to throw around the actual cause of climate change one out there now, water vapor is 40,000 parts per million. Compare to her scare tactic of 800 parts per million though it's really only 400 parts per million. 

Since water vapor is 4% of the atmosphere, that's an 10,000% difference.

Compare your $40,000 car to one that costs $400. Which do you think will even be able to be driven anywhere let alone to the junkyard? Which will have an impact on your life and ablity to get around? Which vehicle can actually make a huge impact on your world? I'm going with the one that sucked up 10,000% more of your green $ energy.

Water vapor is what causes climate change, not CO2.

Why don't politicians understand this? Maybe they don't want to because their focus is elsewhere like bandwagoneering, job security, following the leader, and Simon Says.

Talk about energy use on CEL's the amount of energy used when check engine lights go on can be massive. More trips back and forth repeatedly to the dealer and mechanic for repairs, more green energy dollars used, more energy. A part replaced can be $500. That's green energy gone. Takes a lot of fuel to make parts and deliver them. That's more carbon dioxide air blankets that feed plants and keep them warm at night.

Then it's all fixed and you dish out more green energy and they tell you you have to drive certain speeds on the highway for 40 minutes then drop down to another speed for 30 minutes to get the thing to shut off. You are so frustrated with that stupid light you do it right away as you can't wait for that trip to Yosemite to "get away from it all especially the ugly wind farms by Palm Springs" a drive that uses a lot of energy that before wind farms all we had to do was walk, hike, or bike down the street in the desert to see the beauty to merely get away from city lights. Now with wind farms you have to drive many miles.

Show me one person who hasn't been frustrated with those CEL's and used up a lot of carbon based reliable clean energy.

So world, you can yell at her now instead of your car.

I'm not all against clean air but California goes overboard thus causing wasted energy. She's been a part of the clean air crowd for decades there causing many to waste tonnes of energy trying to fix all the smog crap on their vehicles endlessly where they have to work more hours using more energy to pay for it all including all the high paid salaries given to all these people in government in that state who then have all this carbon based energy they can use to live like rock stars in their retirement using tonnes of energy.

I'm not a fan of HIGH PAID POLITICIANS in California. How much energy does she get paid? Enough to power 100 homes? She helped make clean air regulations spread across the US and the world and worse, Check Engine Lights. How much energy has that used? Clean air, fine. Regulations against adding carbon dioxide that plants adore is a threat, that's absurd. Thank God voters in 2016 got Trump elected to bring in some balance. It was out of control and still is to a large degree as wind farms keep being installed in beautiful countrysides on the entire planet except of course in front of homes of wealthy politicians and all the elitists in all the rich zones who will never succumb to wind farms being plopped anywhere near them. Next they will tell you we need more wind and solar crap to make Earth spin faster around the sun to stop climate change.

Climate change is a scam. Are these politicians stupid or are they going along with the lies because they don't care? I have to go with stupid. They can't be all purposely conning us could they? Worrying about 800 parts per million of what plants enjoy is like worrying about feeding too much fish food to Godzilla.

800 PPM. It's 800/1,000,000ths which is 8/10,000ths or 4/5,000ths or .0008ths. We are worried about .0008ths of Earth's atmosphere causing climate change? ROFL.

100% of our heat and cooling comes from the Sun and space. I rounded that up from 99.999999% which is the actual number.

In her statement she also says the state will be using a lot more energy "filing extensive technical documents on the document" what ever that means I just know as always these things use up a lot of electricity to run all the computers and printers and on and on and on which electricity is all powered by reliable fossil fuels and not the disgusting wind farms down the street that have red flashing lights eating up energy all night long from the grid.

She's into so called "sustainablilty" and "has also led the Board in crafting California's internationally recognized climate action plan".

That's a plan that believes 4/10,000th of the atmosphere of carbon dioxide floaty air unicorns is going to determine the fate of us all if we don't keep voting these leaders in and hailing their clean air and climate control efforts with our green energy dollars, while they all keep ignoring the parade of elephants in the atmosphere that comprise 4% of it called water vapor. 79% of it is Nitrogen another "blanket forming" climate changing gas.

A special note, California causes more climate change to spread over the United States than most of the "red states" create as it hugs the Pacific Ocean which because of the Sun and evaporation provides climate change to the degree of 10,000% more than carbon dioxide. California is also home to many other cults that make money off their lies. It's still a nice place to live though. Surely because of the "clean air" that oddly enough is still quite smoggy in Los Angeles and all that dirty air gets blown to the east by the wind farms that draw power from the grid to suck it out of the basin and blow it to Arizona.

Another fun comparison since I brought up Godzilla is that thinking carbon dioxide at a size of 4/10,000ths is strong and powerful enough to capture heat when all it is is air and subject to convection is like thinking the cock roach on the ground between Godzilla's toes is going to bring him down, or did Godzilla have a sex change and since I live in California I am mandated to use "the correct" pronoun to refer to it or I could be fined which could be one of 700 different ones and that because "gender fluidity" is now the standard I could be forced to refer to Godzilla the water vapor monster as 7,000,000 different flowing proterms changing every millisecond.

Alas, with all it's cults including the climate one, California is rather beautiful, more so without wind farms and ugly BLACK solar panels that all capture and emit massive amounts of heat into the atmosphere. They are making roof tops ugly and adding chaos to the grid. Mandating them is loony as is believing that carbon air forms a blanket that is more powerful than a speeding windshield wiper.

Come visit us sometime and leave your climate fears behind.

*Arnold is the kind of septic nonsense politician and celebrity who immigrated legally to the USA and became famous in bodybuilding and movies. After no longer being famous he became famous again as he was mad at those who would not be pHARMa cysts injection sludge rags as he told the the public "screw your freedom" as he demanded everyone be guinea pigs for injectible pHARMa septic get your life back shots during the cold and flu scare (corona virus) of the early 2020 hindsight decade. More on this here


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