Sierra Club wants all new homes to be electric by mandate while Dorthy and Toto want to make their way back home from a similar fantasy they were caught up in



There is no more popular fantastical movie than The Wizard of Oz which has endured replay for almost an entire century, how long will the fantasy of climate change go on?

Today we see those attempting to force on the public by government mandate 100% electric homes. This is absurd but this is what California's Berkeley city did and of course now we find another group jumping on that bandwagon which surely ha$ your green energy attached as all of these green energy save the planet groups do.

"There's no pathway to stabilizing the climate without phasing gas out of our homes and buildings. This is a must-do for the climate and a livable planet" says Rachel Golden of the Sierra Club’s building electrification campaign.

"Stabilizing climate" by forcing you to have electric stoves, heaters, everything electric 100% homes. OMG/ROFL. This is absurd. Power goes out and you have no heat. Have to cook with candles. All electric homes are more costly. More costly meand MORE ENERGY USE. Your dollars take energy to produce.

The idea that man can "stabilize climate" is really more of an ego thing it seems as there is no way man can do any such thing.

The reasons are given that natural gas causes climate change. OMG we are all so tired of hearing this cult chant.

Most all electric homes RUN ON natural gas even if they are electric. There is no way around this in many places as many new natural gas power plants have been built to create a stable grid electricity supply system as the push for adding more unstable renewable systems would create havoc if these fossil fuel reliable based systems of natural gas electricity generation were not added.

Where more windmills are built that are chaotic supplies these systems of naturl gas power generation have to run standby if wind might pick up. It ends up using MORE ENERGY from "fossil fuels" of which no fossils actually died, natural gas is merely methane gas. Contrary to the cult claims that methane is bad it's like .0000000000000000000006th of the atmosphere.

I do not believe anything the Sierra Club says anymore on energy and how did they get into energy matters? Maybe it's time to question many of their claims on everything.

Their funding runs on fossil fuels. The organization is 100% dependent on cash flows of which there are massive sums in TRUST/FUNDS. Trust funds use the energy of others to operate as money does not grow on trees.

This claim to make homes electric is doing the opposite. Climate change is 100% caused by water vapor. Carbon dioxide has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT WHAT SO EVER it's only 4/10,000ths of the atmosphere. Double that and it's only 8/10,000ths of the atmosphere. California energy regulator is concerned that doubling CO2 is going to bring the planet down, LOL.

There is no blanket in the sky made of easily, constantly dispersible air that's a mere 4/10,000ths of other fake blankets of air. This is all a scheme to get your energy.

I no longer trust anything Sierra Club says on energy matters, when did I really though as they were supposed to be about saving wildlife and forests and such.

I think they are primarily focused on their cash flow and "movie making" although we could say that about just about everything and everyone. The thing is they keep presenting endeavors painted as helping the planet yet everything I am uncovering regarding their push for things that would protect humans and animals from fake climate change they and so many other opportunists are claiming is caused by man when it's only caused by water vapor, sun, and frigid space in concert, shows a misguided set of endeavors that makes me wonder if they know what they are doing or are they stuck on a carbon blanket in the sky of imaginary fantasy or do they know exactly what they are doing.

What's funny about all this is the natural gas organizations use very solid science and they state that natural gas emits less "evil plant oxygen" (I should call this EPO) into the atmosphere (CO2 of course) than electric power.

Going 100% electric is an absurd push that makes matters much worse for the public while it just might make things better for their trust funds and other portfolios.

Has anyone noticed how much a "green" light bulb costs in your green $ energy now? And they are made of petroleum products the very thing they claim they need to eliminate.


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