Scoldilocks tells us how bad they has it



I hate to give this elitist socialist angryist any attention but some things have to be pointed out about a kid claiming her childhood has been ripped from her because of people who understand physics and know that babbling about carbon dioxide is a gas. As this puppeti$t of the climate cult sails around the world preaching for us to give the cult more power or we will die, and politicians have destroyed they life, we continue to ignore teaching our kids in school that water vapor is the cause of climate change and it's volume is 1750 times greater than fake carbon air blankets which keep no one warm. She was seen sailing on the very thing that causes climate change - water - having fits for TV and stage, telling us how bad she has it which made mother nature throw up again.

To put this number of 175,000% times more actual climate changing water vapor in perspective, imagine one spoiled brat screaming in a restaurant and 175,000% more spoiled brats screaming in a restaurant.

Or imagine 1 car on the highway (your car) then adding 175,000% more cars. To really understand how the change in carbon dioxide in the air makes this number even higher go here.

Here's another interesting perspective on socialist behavior and con games being played by the climate cult.



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