Sound travels but that does not mean it's a problem



In discussion about wind farming on industrial scale the subject always comes up about INFRASOUND, that is the low resonance booming type of sound you might be able to feel but cannot really hear. It's said that it can be felt by the body even 9 miles away. Some will say that hey can hear the neighbor's dog bark - 4 miles away in the country! They say they can hear the train 8 miles away.

Thing is these sounds are typically short lived. On a windy day the infrasound from a wind farm can be thumping all day long. That is on par with a neighbor playing rap music all day long with that thumping.

The dog would bark for a bit then stop. Might do it again later. Might do it for ten minutes. I once heard a dog bark literally all night long in a yard behind me. That was horrible.

If any wind developer says that 9 miles is too far for anyone to be affected that may be true to a degree but when the wind is blowing sound your way all day because the location of the farm is up wind you may be exposed to it as if it was only a few miles away on a still air day.

Speaking of air, .0004th of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide, the reson we have bought the push for wind farms, to save the planet from this miniscule amount of "blanketing" air. If you believe in this crazy concept please take a deep breath in winter or a cool night, open your window, exhale, and tell me the next morning how well that blanket of carbon dioxide kept the cold out of your bedroom.

Another thought about sound, when you hear things repeated over and over again and people never shut up about them and you are tired of hearing it, they always keep doing it more when they know they can make money at it. This is called HAC - Hot Air Commerce.



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