Efficient Navajo Generating Station in Coconino County now gone!



When we hear about "sustainability" we might ask "sustainability for who?" The Wall Street financiers?

The coal fueled reliable power plant using Peabody Coal from the eastern part of the state is being decommissioned in Arizona. It had provided reliable jobs, reliable energy.

The NGS (Navajo Generating Station in Coconino County) plant is being pulled apart to satisfy those who have deemed coal a threat to our existence. Hmm.

Never mind now that coal power has a well documented track record of having saved countless lives, no, hundreds of millions of lives, it's now said it will kill us.

What changed in physics?

So they go and "recycle" all the parts and offer a bunch online for sale saying it's all about sustainability.*

How much energy is that now using? Do they wait for the wind to blow to turn on their computers and credit card readers? That's so reliable.

No they are using FOSSIL FUEL based power still. They always will use fossil fuel powers to keep the lights on. Wind energy is a farce. Bill Gates knows this. Warren Buffet knows this.

What's odd to me is the electric company that owns all this does not even service the areas where this coal plant is located.


On their website they say that about 1/2 of their "sustainability" portfolio is provided by energy efficiency. Hmm.

Their total "sustainable" number is 18.63%.

This gives us about 9.36% provided by wind, solar, thermal heat from the ground (did I say heat?), hydro dams, and bio mass.

Wind is a mere 1% of that, thus wind energy is providing NOTHING really to speak of while YOU ARE PAYING FOR THESE MONSTROCITIES THAT WRECK YOUR LANDSCAPES.

They do provide a lot of your energy though to portfolios, maybe even yours as it might feed into your retirement, but at the expense of others. The poor especially get hit by these costs as their bills increase to cover the massive costs of "sustainable" energy methods becomes a much higher percentage of their monthly income like 40% in the summer months, where as for those who are much better off it's a small fraction like 5% or 10%, and for those who are wealthy off these energy schemes barely nothing, like <1% while they live like rock stars and carbon creditrepreneurs who use 40x the energy the rest of us use.

Fiscal Year 2019 results

Energy Efficiency Megawatt-hours
Commercial demand-side management 1,587,546
Residential demand-side management 1,309,732
M-Power 296,970
SRP facility savings 2,376
Total Energy Efficiency 3,196,624
Renewable energy
Biomass 95,888
Hydropower 678,014
Geothermal 343,562
Solar 530,178
Wind 211,570
Renewable energy credits 105,000
Total renewable energy 1,964,212
Banked credits 424,318
Total sustainable portfolio - Megawatt-hours 5,585,153
Total sustainable portfolio – % of retail requirements 18.63%

source https://www.srpnet.com/environment/sustainability/portfolio-2020-goals.aspx

It would be nice to compare this 1% wind energy to how much this one Navajo Generating Station coal fired reliable electricity plant produced very efficiently no less.

Also note they use "energy efficiency programs" to meet their sustainability goals. This means selling you a stupid smart computer programmed washing machine that uses 2 tablespoons of water which saves energy, but lasts only 5 years where as that old Maytag is now 40 years old and made in the USA and only needed a $50 part 10 years ago and is still running strong, where as the 5 year washer MADE IN CHINA was manufactured using endless supplies of coal fired energy as they don't subscribe to Paris Climate Scams thus that washer will be replaced 8 times over 40 years and required service technicians our 70 times and 10 new circuit boards, thus using 77 times more energy over it's lifetime** in manufacturing thus that "smart washer" is merely saving the rich from being poor on this planet.

**Oh did I exaggerate, it's actually only 10,000% more energy use like how much more climate change causing WATER VAPOR is in the air than CO2.




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